Sunday, December 06, 2015

Motive "unclear"

So, here we are, now 4 days out from the San Bernardino massacre, and the press and politicians are still insisting that the motive remains a mystery.

It's getting harder to maintain the ingénue act, but they're trying hard. President Idiot was trying on the "workplace violence" tapdance Thursday, and even now is lamely sputtering that it's all just so complicated, and we simply don't know and have to wait and wait and wait some more until all the facts are known. Which means ALL the facts; i.e., as long as there's one tiny undiscovered nano-second of these people's lives, we just won't be able to say for sure why they massacred unarmed non-Muslims at a staff Christmas party.

Soon after 9/11, I read a piece by someone on this same cultivated air of bafflement that was fashionable on the part of the anti-Western fifth column. He wrote that it was as if an anthropologist were to describe a middle class dining room, where people would sit around a table, place hot items on plates before them, then cut the items into small pieces and carefully place the pieces in their mouths. "Why are they doing this?" asks the bewildered anthropologist. "What are they trying to tell us?" In the same way, it seems there's nothing Muslim terrorists can say or do, no matter how plainly obvious and unconcealed, that will succeed in getting through the permafrost of confusion in the minds of bien-pensant media figures.

They say they want to kill people; they describe how they're going to kill people; they say their god likes it when they kill people; they kill people; they boast of killing people. Yet still, the media shake their heads and pretend that there was some static on the line and they couldn't quite catch the message. I don't know if terrorists despise us for being too stupid to understand the truth or too cowardly to admit it, but it's no wonder they can't respect us if THIS is the public face of the West.

I posted this at the end of a thread on the Belmont Club:

This wasn't a case of a guy getting into a fight at a party, going outside to his car and getting the gun out of the glove compartment, then marching back inside to settle the score with gunfire. Those two slimeheads were planning a massacre.

Was it THIS particular event - the Christmas party - they were aiming for? Don't know. But that uncertainty can't be spread out to say "the motive is unclear". They wanted to commit murder for Allah - that's all that matters.

To me, this makes it worse, to think that they'd been treasuring up this secret for possibly months. Maybe they were hunting for the "right" moment to unleash the mayhem. Maybe every day they went to work, they were on the alert for the pretext that would be the "go" signal. Every person who rode the elevator with them, greeted them at work, passed them in the hall, COULD have had his or her life violently ended without warning. Everyone who lived might owe his life to some unknown chance - "Today? No, not enough people around." "How about now? No, that dirty Jew 2 doors down is on holiday; have to wait until HE's there." "What about today? No, everyone's paying attention to the murder is Paris, there won't be enough press coverage." Etc


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