Thursday, November 19, 2015

Synod on the Family (remember that?)

One disaster crowds out another these days. But only a few weeks ago we were rolling our eyes over the buffoonish Synod on the Family. The TV cameras are off, but in true termite fashion, the task of stealthy undermining goes on.

Here's the opening of the propaganda offensive in our own diocese:
The Synod and My Family

The Synod on the Family has had a mixed reception. Some are excited by the chance to increase dialogue with contemporary culture. Others are concerned by the tone and possible misunderstandings that can arise from such dialogue.

Everyone, however, is asking: “Where are we going? How are we to live the family in today’s Church?”

Dominican University College (DUC) wants to raise these questions head on—so that you can move forward on solid footing. Over three days, we will be hosting a conference where we can learn about the latest outcomes of the Synod. Most importantly, we are going to give you the opportunity to join the discussion and voice your desires about the future of family life in the Church.

As men and women, young and old, we can gain clarity about current developments in family life and bear witness to the beautiful truths of the family in contemporary times as we reflect and discuss together.
And what a fine rogues' gallery we have coming!
Keynote Speakers:

Thursday, Nov. 19th, Vespers 6:30 pm, Talk 7:30 pm

Fr. Peter & Presbytera Olenka Galadza, Sheptytsky Institute of Easter Christian Studies at Saint Paul University

Friday, Nov. 20th, Prayer 7:15 pm, Talk 7:30 pm

Fr. Tom Rosica & Sebastian Gomes, Salt and Light Television

Saturday, Nov. 21st

Mass, 11:45 am, Archbishop Terrence Prendergast s.j., Archbishop of Ottawa

3:30 pm, Talk, Archbishop Paul-André Durocher, Archbishop of Gatineau
Prendergast might be OK; he hasn't done anything stupid since beoming Archbishop of Ottawa in 2007. But Durocher's onboard with all the usual Francis crap. (His appointment was another piece of Benedict Brilliance.) Rosica was notorious for his biased reportingand pro-homosexuality propaganda during the Synod. And Galadza I don't know anything about, but dragging in an eastern Orthodox speaker makes me suspect he'll be proselytizing on behalf of divorce and remarriage.


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