Monday, July 22, 2013

Congratulations, it's a boy!

There are very few things I miss by not having TV anymore:  Phil Mickelson winning the British Open was one; I would have liked to have seen that.  And another is the breathless wait for the news of the new royal baby.

I still found out almost as soon as everyone else, via a banner headline on, but I missed the party atmosphere that comes from dozens of newshounds desperately filling hours of air time with chatter as their cameras remain focused on the front door of a hospital.  Oh well, I DID witness the election of the Bishop of Rome, as he calls himself, and considering what a dud he's turned out to be, maybe it's just as well I didn't get too involved in all the anticipation.

Still, good news - and a boy too!  Now I don't have to worry about all the ponderous declarations of how wonderfully modern and advanced we are because we've changed the traditional rule of succession to let girls inherit the crown ahead of their brothers based on seniority.  There are 3 generations of males to come first, so I doubt I'll live to see the change.  I've never liked meddling with ancient traditions, and especially not to oblige feminists and deracinated liberals.

No idea what the name will be yet, but I wish they call him Richard.   In honour of the discovery of the body of Richard III last year, which was a great archeological moment. 

Actually, I remember when Prince William was born, in 1982. It was right at the end of the Falklands War, and the British had retaken Port Stanley. Some people suggested the new royal baby should be named "Stanley" in honour of the victory. But the prospect of "Good King Stan" didnĀ“t seem to be enough for the royal family to break with tradition.        


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As usual, I couldn't agree with you more - on all points.

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