Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tomatoes are my great comfort

Of all the things I grow in the garden, tomatoes are the most exhilarating.

I gloat over every single tomato plant, and they set my imagination soaring.

Just think of how many seeds are in one single tomato. I don't suppose anyone ever counts them, but there must be 50 at least in a good-sized tomato. You know tomatoes are sort of star-shaped inside, like apples, and each "rib" contains...oh, what? Ten seeds? More? Well, I look at a tomato plant, and think, "All this came from ONE SEED." And there were 50 more in that one tomato! I could fill my entire garden with plants grown from the seeds that come out of one tomato. Then each plant produces such a large number of tomatoes, especially if it's an indeterminate plant, which keeps growing like a vine until killed by the frost. Why, with the seeds of just ONE TOMATO, I could produce enough tomatoes to supply the entire city block I live on.

It's the sheer fecundity of it that's dizzying. It makes me think of God every time: the incredible vitality and life packed into the tiniest collection of matter. It makes you wonder how we can ever be lacking anything - how can there be hunger or deprivation, when everything is so full of life? There must be some serious mismanagement on the part of humans, when nature seems to be so designed for overabundance.


Anonymous Pat said...

I totally agree, that there's probably a mismanagement about natural resources. If managed well, there will be no people will suffer from hunger and no scarcity of food.

7:24 pm  

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