Sunday, October 02, 2011

Under the weather

I'm in the midst of a cold right now, which started last Wednesday. Thank goodness I'm past the horrible sore throat stage, but now I'm suffering a stuffed head and runny nose. Makes it hard to sleep, and that along with the general sense of malaise isn't doing much for my mental processes.

Just to show you how fogged I was, on Friday I came back after driving the kids in the morning, puttered around the kitchen for a bit, then decided I should force myself to get outside for a little walk. I decided that I might as well go and vote before anyone else, as the polls during our provincial elections open at 9:00. So I took my voter's card which was sitting in the mail rack, put on a coat and headed off to the Anglican/United Church down the street which is our usual polling station.

I thought it was odd, when I arrived, to see no signs out. Usually there's a "Polling Station" sign marked with a big X near the door - they used to have them out on the street, but in the past election or two they've been less obtrusive. This time I couldn't see anything. Aha, I thought - this must be a result of heightened security because of the danger of terrorism. People like me, who are registered to vote, have these cards with the address, so we KNOW the polling station is here. But without the signs, random terrorists driving by won't know it's there, and won't be able to shoot up the place. Not that this has ever happened in a Canadian election, but you can't be too careful.

When I reached the entrance, I found all the doors locked. Mystified, I looked at my voter's card. It read "Election Day: Thursday". Oh, my God, I thought, the election was yesterday and I missed it! How I could imagine that the day after an election there'd be no mention of it in the paper or on the radio, or that my husband, an election junky, could have possibly forgotten an election and not said a word about it, just didn't occur to me. Then I looked further on the card: "...October 6." I'd actually gone to vote a week early, AND on the wrong day! I've never before been that confused without heavy medication.


Anonymous Pageantmaster said...

Almighty God, please heal, restore, re-energise and provide for this good Christian lady.

Now be healed and restored Dr Mabuse, in Jesus' name. Amen

God bless


6:52 am  
Blogger Catinka said...


First of all: I hope you are feeling better!

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I would love to be able to see this film to complete my chapter about Faust. (in this chapter i'll talk about Faust by Goethe, The master and margarita by Bolgakov and Marguerite de la nuit.)

So, now i am hoping that you would want to help me. Would you be willing to share you subtitles with me? I will mention you in the credits! :)

you can e-mail me at:

8:28 am  

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