Monday, August 15, 2011

Yo ho ho

Remember the post I did awhile back about my subtitles for Marguerite de la nuit? I still think that's my best subtitle project, but just last month I finished another that comes a close second: Juliette, or Key of Dreams, by Marcel Carné. It has that fantasy theme that I like so much; in this story, the hero is in jail and dreams that he's in a strange little village where nobody can remember anything. He's looking for the girl he loves, and when he finds her, naturally she can't remember him either. When he wakes up, he finds reality so unbearable he wants to go back to the Land Without Memory. It's unlikely that such an ending - being unable to face reality and seeking to escape - could count as a happy ending, but oddly enough, it is. I'm glad it ends the way it does, even though logically and morally it's not right. But the art manages to convince me that in this world, it's the right course of action.

Anyway, I burned some copies of the movie (with my subtitles) to send to friends and was looking for a brief synopsis online to put on the back of the cover, when I came across this site which had a pretty good paragraph describing the movie. But on looking a bit closer, I saw that they were selling a dvd of the movie. And what's more astonishing, the description reads "In French with English subtitles".

Now, there ARE no English subtitles for this movie, except for the ones that I wrote! I can conclude only one thing: these people are selling pirated, unauthorized copies of my unauthorized subtitles! And making money!

I became suspicious, and began looking up other titles. Sure enough, I found three more movies that I have written subtitles for:

Marguerite de la nuit
and Mademoiselle Doctor

All of these for sale. I suppose they have someone with a membership on Karagarga, and are able to download movies that they think would be interesting to collectors, and once a movie has English subtitles, it's definitely much more accessible to a wider public. I've seen a few other movies that I know other people have recently done the subtitles for, because on the forum everyone posts when they've finished a subtitle file.

Now I'm thinking that maybe *I* should sell copies of "my" movies - mine would be much better than this guy's because I've designed a dvd label and artwork for the case. And at least they're my own subtitles - maybe I could design a box set: "The Kraal Collection".

Anyway, I don't know if I should inform the Karagarga people, or if this is just so inevitable it's hardly worth making a fuss over. Made me a little indignant, though.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hiya dear, am back from a three week vacation to Sicily so I'm reading all your latest entries only now. As for this one- I would definitly get in touch with someone about that because after all you put all the time end effort in writing those subtitles, it's just not right that they're making the money with it. I don't know about the Canadian law but over here you have a copyright on everything you came up yourself, so-called "intellectual property". Those subtitles are your work and you could sue them for using them without asking you for permission or letting you have a due part of the earning.

Maybe you should get in contact with the people selling the DVD and ask them for your rightful share of the profits they make, otherwise you would contact a lawer about it. At least that's what I would do.

3:38 pm  

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