Monday, February 14, 2011

Bizarre weather

It's been over freezing today - +3 C and raining if you can believe it! And now we're waiting for a very scary reversal; there's a Flash Freeze Warning on right now, and they're predicting it to happen at 3:00, just the time I'll be bussing kids home! Actually, that's an hour from now, and I think it may be arriving ahead of schedule: it's getting bright out, and the wind is really picking up. Here's hoping that the wind can dry some of the water on the roads before the temperature drops to -7. Flash freezes are really scary, right up there with whiteouts, and I hope I can get out to the school and back again without encountering any disasters.

But the weirdness doesn't stop there; it's going to be -9 tomorrow, and then the temperature is going to go back up as we head into the weekend, all the way to +9 and raining on Friday! This is so strange for February, and it's going to play havoc with the second week of Winterlude that's already underway down at the Canal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok. You win. I've been complaining about our yo-yo weather going from a low of 30 degrees to 79 degrees this week. I'll stop now.

11:22 pm  

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