Friday, January 21, 2011

The Ottawa Senators are Doomed

This must be the worst hockey season for Ottawa since the franchise first started in the early 90s. It's surely the worst since we came back from Boston. The season's only half over, and the Sens are already out of the playoffs!

Yesterday's paper had an article by Pat Hickey of the Montreal Gazette, on the many injured players the Montreal Canadiens will have to do without for tonight's game against Ottawa. (I can't find a link to it online, unfortunately.) The headline read "Habs likely down three for game in Ottawa". Dean glanced at the headline and said, "Oh, great! Now the Senators are so bad, they're being given a 3-point handicap going into Friday night's game!" Well, it works in golf, why not hockey?

The sad thing is, even if it were true, it wouldn't have saved them from last night's 6-2 defeat in Philadelphia. They stink.


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