Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You can't stop it

This was on the editorial page of the Ottawa Citizen yesterday:
The Citizen editorial board ran a small test the other day, to see if ordinary laundry (shirts and towels) dries on a clothesline in early March. It does. It took one sunny afternoon, though at this time of year it's helpful to have a little breeze blowing; laundry doesn't dry as fast in still air.
Pffft. Johnny-come-latelies. I've been drying clothes on the clothesline for over two weeks! I started when the back deck was still 4/5 covered with snow, and I can dry TWO loads of towels in one day! This is why I don't think I need lectures on "green living" from politicians or their wives. If I were to visit the White House, would I see Mr. Obama's underwear hanging from a clothesline, waving in the breeze? I thought not.

Other signs of spring are appearing: two Canada Geese flew over the house this morning, though I've yet to see or hear the big Vs of returning flocks. We're in a very pleasant warm spell right now, and the back yard has lost almost 3/4 of its snow cover! By next week, it should be all gone. No big buds on the trees yet, but I see two rhubarb buds poking above the ground, as well as some peony shoots and the first purple bleeding heart fringe coming out. Can't wait to see how that rhubarb I transplanted last year does this spring.


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