Friday, January 08, 2010

A very small tail wagging a very big dog

The news today is that New Jersey's senate has become the latest state legislature to vote against homosexual "marriage". I haven't been by the Swan of Newark's digs lately, but this sounds like it will be sure to inspire a three-hanky pastorale very shortly.

Meanwhile, a few weeks ago I saw this interesting map of the U.S., which puts the furor on this boutique fetish into perspective:

The map appears to be from 2007, but it depicts places where the issue has actually been voted on, rather than where it's been imposed by legislative or judicial fiat. And what's more interesting, is it shows the vote by percentage of "intensity" in individual districts across the U.S., so you can see where interest for and against is strongest and where it's just tepid. Opinions don't change that much in just 2 years, and what changes have occurred might well have tilted the map further into the red (such as California last year).

Any thinking person will have to be struck by just how TINY the committed pro-homosexual marriage camp is. They are holed up in a few tiny green fortresses, almost swallowed up by the vast ocean of distaste that prevails in the rest of the country. And yet these insignificant misfits have succeeded in barking their fetish onto every television screen and newspaper in the country, and hogging attention far out of proportion to their puny cause.

It's a true case of a grown man being led around by his...well, nose I suppose is the standard cliche, but I think it would be more accurate to refer to a different, though similar-sized organ.


Anonymous wannabeanglican said...

Moreover, the gay rights crowd does not give a damn about democracy as evidenced by their frequent efforts to overturn referendums in the courts.

9:29 pm  

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