Friday, November 07, 2008

Unpleasant surprise

So I go downstairs this morning, looking around proudly at my nice neat basement with the filled bookcases and the computer - wow, it looks like a real library down here! - and decide to go into my rarely-used "sewing room", where I keep my sewing machine and fabric. I want some pins so I can hem some 1960s barkcloth drapes I'm recycling.

Open the door; hmmm, doesn't smell too fresh in here. Maybe I should leave the door op--AAAAAUUUUGGGHHH! There's a dead mouse on the floor!

This is freaking me out. Why do I find dead mice? Why dead? Yes, there was a live one last week, but this has happened before; right out in the open, I find a dead mouse. I know they have to die somewhere, but isn't it normal to go hide and do it out of sight? What are they dying from? Old age? I haven't put out any traps or poison, I haven't tried to kill them. The kids walk around the house dropping crumbs everywhere - I'm wondering if the damn mice are EATING themselves to death!


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