Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Threadbare hopes

Stupidest conservative silver lining yet:
3. The movies will get better, as the moratorium on patriotism comes to an end. There will still be too many villainous businessmen and evil corporations, but there will also be a new sense of optimism about America's role in the world (see #2, above). Perhaps in his giddiness, some Hollywood bigshot will green-light a war movie about our heroic soldiers—Marines at Fallujah, the sacrifices of Dunham, McGinnis, Monsoor, Murphy, and Smith, etc. The stories are there, waiting to be told.

Oh, and there is also this:
I always thought America's first black president would be a conservative. So much for that theory.
Yeah, I thought that too - in 1991, when Clarence Thomas went to the Supreme Court. So when were the Republicans planning to get around to doing something about it? In 2012? 2016? When? I guess any ambitious black Republicans will have to get in line and wait until the party locates any remaining veterans of the Spanish-American War to take their rightful "turn" running for president.

While the Republicans were drifting along on the memories of the days when conservatives had the ideas and some idea of going places, the Democrats actually took the idea seriously and did it. Oh, but I forget - it was really just a "theory" - something that you daydream about, but never actually get up out of your chair to act on. This is the thing that is annoying me the most today; that so-called conservatives figured they had all the time in the world to get around to doing something smart and exciting, and the world would just wait for them.


Blogger Daniel Muller said...

Hahahahaha. Aaaaahahahaha. &c.

We will soon have a First Lady who has been ashamed of her country practically all her life. What is there to film?

5:14 pm  

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