Friday, November 07, 2008

Friends don't let friends vote liberal

I wish Mark Steyn would stop telling us how much he likes Peggy Noonan and Kathleen Parker, and all the rest of the aristos at NRO who've spent the last 8 years with their knee on the throat of conservatism. He's starting to sound like John McCain, intoning "My friends..." as another grinning leftist shoves a boot up his ass.

I remember what he wrote after 9/11:
A few days after September 11th, I called for the resignation of Federal Aviation Administration honcho Jane Garvey and other top officials on the grounds that "what happened on Tuesday was not the odd guy slipping through a few 'cracks in the system', but a completely cracked system, whose failure was total." I didn't expect the President to pay any heed to me, but I assumed hundreds of more illustrious opinion-formers in Washington and New York would also be affronted.

Not a bit of it. Six months on, the only prominent resignation has been that of my old comment-page confrere and Bush speechwriter David Frum, and, as far as I know, David didn't quit because they'd found out he'd issued a green card to Mullah Omar. If he had, they'd make him Director of the CIA.

For some reason, the Administration, Congressional Democrats and the pundits reached an unspoken agreement to wipe the slate clean, and allow every Federal deadbeat and time-server to start afresh.
Well, it looks like David Frum isn't going to be caught a second time. Judging by the symposium on "Whither Conservatism" the faux-conservatives who engineered the 2008 debacle are digging themselves in like ticks on a dog's back, and are determined that whoever has to pay for this disaster, it's not going to be them.

All the excuses are coming in: after 8 years of an unpopular president, it was a Democrat year, so obviously there was nothing wrong with their plan, and it should be tried again, only harder, next time. I can already write their excuses for losing in 2010: Obama is still in his honeymoon phase, memories of Bush are too fresh, how can you expect Americans to vote for the party who brought them the Great Depression of 2009? Write off 2010, try the same plan again in 2012. When it fails, say that people don't want to change ships in mid-stream, during a time of terrorist attacks on the U.S. and economic collapse, they want to stay the course and give the Great Helmsman Obama a chance to lead them out of uncertainty, etc. etc. etc. Among all the post-mortems, I've yet to read ONE "moderate" conservative wonder if maybe the old-fashioned red-meat conservatives might have had a point, after all - that maybe they watered down the message TOO much, and went too far to the center. Not one. Just, "Oh, you abortion-obsessed Reagan nostalgists! If it hadn't been for YOUR Sarah Palin, we could have won the undecideds!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This could be the best post-mortum on the election that I've read so far. McCain lost because 3.5 million republicans stayed home rather than vote for McCain, and somehow, I don't think that was Sarah Palin's fault...


3:08 pm  
Anonymous Bubba said...

If socially conservative positions are the reason for McCain's defeat, one would expect that socially conservative ballot initiatives -- e.g., amendments to state constitutions affirming the traditional definition of marriage -- would have done even worse than McCain.

But since the exact opposite happened, those ballot initiatives are being positively ignored by the Rockefeller Republicans of the world.

3:16 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen! The Slate group is ridiculous. One of the participants (Dean Kmiec) was an Obama supporter. And we are supposed to look to him for what ails conservatism? Come the hell on!

That symposium should be called "Wither, Conservatism!!!" NOT "Whither, conservatism?"

And my the way, Mark Steyn reads The Kraalspace! I couldn't believe it when one of his links clicked me over to you. What a shocking pity that he has doesn't realize that "reaching across the aisle" to people who have stabbed you in the back is a euphemism for "sure, I'll bend over for you. I think the soap's over here." Did he learn NOTHING from John McCain?

It's ridiculous. Fall back, regroup, and discuss the future of conservatism--that's what they told us we were all going to do after we got blown out in '06! Let's try it again, but this time, ask Christy Todd Whitman to weigh in. That'll cure conservatism for sure. Wither, wither, wither.

Also, for what it is worth, Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham are both presently advocating a "cure" for conservatism that involves ACTUALLY BEING CONSERVATIVE. Thank God there's at least two of them.


PS: I think Christopher Buckley would make a wonderful host with Ron Reagan Jr. on the Eukanuba dog show, don't you? Two insipid, effeminate apples, WAY far from the tree.

3:54 pm  
Anonymous Ariel Tatum said...

I'd sooner have B.O.'s creepy friends discuss "Whither Conservatism?" than the likes of Kmiec, Parker, and Todd-Whitman. Kmiec is the notorious Catholic abort-o-phile and Parker is the obnoxiously jealous Palin-o-phobe.
When will these self-appointed elites realize that the rank and file conservatives have truly recovered from needing them for political instruction? Hmm?
Hey Anonymous - like your comment about Ron Jr. and Chris B.

6:45 pm  
Blogger Dr. Mabuse said...

I just realized what the reason will be for not changing strategy in 2010 - the Democrats might succeed in getting over 60 Senate seats, and a filibuster-proof majority! It's too risky, too risky - the same arguments that were used all throughout the Bush years, only then it was "A Supreme Court opening could occur at any time! We CAN'T risk losing by moving to the right - everything hangs on this election!" And after 8 years, the Supreme Court is as much of a squeaker as ever, and nothing at all has changed.

9:44 pm  
Blogger AST said...

This is all hogwash. McCain lost because he could draw in independents in the primaries but not in the main election.

It wasn't Palin. Without her he'd have lost by millions more votes. It wasn't Peggy Noonan, Kathleen Parker or Mark Steyn, none of whom most American would even recognize.

What's most remarkable to be is that he came as close as he did. I've said all along that the qualities that made him so admirably endure his POW years in Vietnam, his stubbornness and sense of honor, made him a weak candidate and an infuriating Senator.

The only thing I blame is conservatives' inability to join behind a leader. Giuliani and Thompson it seems were really up to the race health wise. Romney was rejected because Evangelicals claim that Mormons aren't Christians. They would, it seems, have voted for a Jew before a Mormon, which seems ironic given all the attacks on themselves in the media. Mike Huckabee's campaign seemed more designed to defeat Romney more than to win anything for himself.

It's about time that everyone on the right from libertarians to evangelicals grow up and recognize that they'd better get behind somebody who can win. My support as of now is for a Palin/Romney ticket because I expect the country to be in as bad economic shape in 2012 as it was in 1980, and for the war on terrorism to be been left up to the Saudis.

If an enemy had done to us what environmentalists have, we'd have declared war. Something has to be done about that.

11:44 pm  

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