Friday, October 31, 2008

They're baaaaaack!

The garage sale this summer was a bit of an epiphany for me; I realized that I could have either THINGS or SPACE, and after thinking it over, I decided that I have way more things than I ever really use or need, so on the whole, I'd rather have more space. So I've begun reclaiming house-space from the things that have been occupying it for the last few years - almost from the moment we moved in, actually. I've succeeded with the basement, and now it actually LOOKS like a basement you might be able to use. Once the computer comes back (whenever that might be) and it's installed down there, we'll actually be going down there to DO something, instead of just dashing down to GET something.

Yesterday I thought I'd attack the unfinished part of the basement right next to the laundry room that's just storage. This has been cluttered up for years with old lamps, china, photos, maps, luggage, and blankets. There's also an old piano down there that came with the house. Over the years, things have been pushed against the walls, and now that we're worrying about basement leakage, it occurred to me that it would be a good thing to clear away all that stuff so we could actually see the entire wall, so that we'll be able to tell if there's a water problem here too.

So yesterday I went downstairs with a broom and a garbage bag, and began pulling out stuff that nobody wants anymore. I found bits of an old stereo system down there, plus old briefcases with broken locks that Dean could never bring himself to throw away. I threw them all away. But as I was clearing away the clutter, I saw something moving near the wall, and spotted a fat little mouse! Well, we always knew they were around, and I've never been able to find all the entry points from the garage to the house, so I wasn't too surprised. I rapped the broom on the floor, expecting it to scurry back behind the shelves. Judge my astonishment when it completely ignored me! In fact, it ambled right out into the middle of the room! I didn't try to hit it with the broom, but I expected that once I started moving and sweeping, it would run away. Nope. It just toddled around the room while I worked, and eventually walked away behind one of the shelves. It's one thing to have a mouse, but at least it could have had the decency to put on an act and make me think I was scaring it, instead of swaggering about as if it owned the place! Well, at least I've removed a lot of its shadowy hiding places. I think it's time to get the humane trap out of the garage again, and see how many we can catch to release down by the river.


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