Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One election down

Well, our election was last night. Dean was happy, because the Conservatives increased their number of seats in the House. I was unhappy, because the Conservative candidate in our riding lost - the Conservatives took 10 out 15 ridings in the Ottawa-Carleton area, but ours is a toxic immigrant dump, so we went with the losers. I wasn't half as unhappy as the lunatic Leftist commentators on CTV last night, though. One crazy old coot named Craig Oliver kept insisting that Harper had really been defeated, because he'd called the election in order to get a majority, and only got another minority. He even called on the PM to resign because of it! I kept thinking of the interrogation scene in 'A Man For All Seasons', where Sir Thomas More corrects the Duke of Norfolk in his assumption that he knows WHY More won't sign the oath. "Perhaps merely to give you trouble!" he suggests blandly, and I thought it would be funny if Stephen Harper were to assert that he only called the election to give the Liberals trouble, not for any benefit to himself!

All this bogus outrage over another minority government gets on my nerves. There are countries in oh-so-sophisticated Europe where minority governments are a way of life. And let's not bring up the subject of Israel - I don't know if they've ever had a majority government in their history. Dean had a dream once, that he was playing a board game called "Knesset: The Game Of Israeli Politics". He said it was unbelievably involved, with tiny little pieces that had to keep fitting into each other, and as soon as you thought you might have put something solid together, the whole thing would fall apart and you'd have to start again!

Anyway, now that the Liberals have been so successful in constructing the "New Canada", as I heard it referred to last night (during coverage of Justin Trudeau's victory in the riding of Papineau) we might have to get used to minority governments. Before the Trudeaupian social lab experiments of the 70s onward, Canada was a country of decidedly European descent, with some Asian immigrants thrown in for cultural spice. Now we've mongrelized ourselves to the point that huge percentages of the country have no relation to each other. Naturally, such Balkanization results in divided politics. We're going to be living with voting blocks forever, and an election is a reflection of what the voters think. If we're so split up that we can't combine forces to get one party into the majority, then a minority is the most accurate reflection of what the country actually looks like. I don't see why this is supposed to be such an outrage. It's the form of government you get when you mix a lot of incompatible interests together.

Anyway, what occupied me most yesterday was not the election, but the fact that our new windows finally arrived! The guys have been installing them yesterday and today (the big bay window takes all of one day to do). I couldn't be happier - some of the old glass windows were so old and clouded (not to mention having lost their seal) you could barely see out of them, especially when the sun was coming through. Now, it's as if we never saw out those windows before. James's room has a window that's right opposite the stairs, so you see it as you come up - it's now so clear and open, with a view straight out to the tops of the trees with all their fall colours, you feel as if you could fly straight up the staircase and outside!


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