Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My turn to be irate at stupid bureaucrats

Earlier this year, I posted an irate letter from a guy trying to renew his passport. Well, now I can write my own irate letter.

My application for a Canadian passport has been rejected.

Why is that, you ask? Is it because I am an inflammatory bomb-throwing conservative? A felon with many convictions and outstanding warrants? Just a common scofflaw who won't pay my parking tickets?


It's because my guarantor is my foreign-service officer husband, and the Department of Foreign Affairs will not accept his diplomatic passport as proof of trustworthiness.

Not long ago, a guarantor had to be a member of the upper classes. They didn't come right out and SAY that, of course, but that's what it amounted to: a guarantor had to be a professional, like a doctor or a lawyer, or a priest. They've recently changed that; now the only requirement of a guarantor is that he or she holds a 5-year Canadian passport, and knows the applicant for at least 2 years.

Dean works for Foreign Affairs; he travels abroad to argue for Canada's interests, and when he does, he uses his red diplomatic passport. So what's the problem? A red passport is only issued for THREE years (though it can be extended to five), and the form says a passport is issued for FIVE years. So when I entered on the form that the passport was issued in 2008 and expired in 2011, the jackaninny checking the form found the years between did not amount the the magic number of FIVE and summarily dismissed my application.

So a foreign service officer's passport is not acceptable to the Passport Office, but I could get someone like this to sign my form, and they wouldn't think twice about accepting it.


Blogger C. Andiron said...

Sorry about your day, Here's a little humor to cheer you up. IMHO her best work.

6:20 pm  
Anonymous Bird of Paradise said...

Just as bad as those who confisctae those tiny little guns that come with the action figures becuase of buracratic stupidity Like the popular adage gose ITS HARD TO FLY LIKE A EAGLE WHEN YOUR WORKING FOR TURKEYS

4:30 pm  

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