Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One of those weeks

This is shaping up to be One Of Those Weeks. It was already crowded with medical business: Thomas has been on the waiting list a few months for the Children's Hospital to have his wisdom teeth taken out. They're already REALLY crowded, and I think 2 are pointing sideways, so there's no chance they'd be able to emerge. Even though they're not painful or impacted yet (as far as we know - Thomas never complains about pain, so we just have to guess) it's inevitable that they have to come out, and we thought it would be better to do it early, before he turns 18 and has to transfer out of CHEO and over to the dental office at the Civic Hospital.

They called last week with a sudden cancellation, so he's going TOMORROW! We went yesterday to see the anaesthetist, and he's booked for 8:00 AM (we have to show up at 6:30 AM). Then, just as that sank in, CHEO called again with an appointment for JAMES to have oral surgery, too! His appointment isn't until next month, but he has to see the anaesthetist on Thursday for the advance checkup. Boy, try to keep the schedule straight! Thomas will be recuperating, so we'll leave him with Emma during James's appointment.

The other thing that happened was that on Sunday, with no warning at all, our hard drive crashed and fried so badly we couldn't resurrect it. The computer is 6 years old, and the monitor was already giving out - I found that reading print was painfully blurry, and the screen was almost always a dull yellow colour, though it occasionally would switch into a lurid bluish-white, and once or twice even into PINK! I think that's a cathode ray tube on its last legs. I've been pricing new monitors for a few weeks now. We've also lost the Windows XP cd-rom the computer came with, and would have to buy a new program - we faced the fact that with all this against us, it would be cheaper just to buy a new computer. So off I went to Best Buy, and today I'm typing this on a phenomenally clear new screen! Thomas will probably be monopolizing the computer over the next few days, watching his favourite YouTube shows to get him through his recovery; thank goodness the old one didn't collapse while he was feeling sick, because it's a nice distraction for someone who's not feeling great.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr. Mabuse - I'm a frequenter of the Anglo/former-Anglo/neo-Cath blogs (MCJ, etc). My day job is working for an IT company (think $90 billion in revenue). We're having a back-to-school sale on used PC's, so if you're still in the market for a new desktop on the cheap, I'd be happy to forward you my friends-and-family discount. Do you have an email address you're willing to post?

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