Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Freaking out!

Yesterday was Emma's Big Trip. I can't travel anymore, because it's too difficult for Dean to manage at home by himself with the kids, but it seemed unfair that Emma should never get to go anywhere. We had collected enough points to afford a ticket to Victoria for her, so we arranged for her to go and visit the Aunts for 2 weeks. Should be nice for her to go stay in a house a bit less chaotic than ours for a change!

I got her to the airport by 6:00 AM (7:00 AM departure), got the electronic ticket sorted out and got her a boarding pass, then took her along to the security gate. I watched from outside to see that she got through alright. Naturally, they opened her bag and searched through everything! I put it down to the fact that she looked nervous and tentative, this being her first time flying by herself, and in fact, she hasn't flown since the last time we went to Victoria, which must have been before we even moved to Ottawa, 6 years ago. She was very surprised when I told her later that that was probably why they stopped her; "They said it was just routine!" Yeah, that's what they said. She must have looked really panicky when they wanted to search her bag, and probably asked what was wrong!) However, they passed her eventually, as they'd have to, as I know for a fact she had nothing but books, pictures and a box of All-Bran cereal bars in there, and I waved as she headed off to her gate.

Everything seemed to go smoothly - she phoned me from Vancouver, as she had a 3+ hour overlay there until the Victoria flight. I'd given her a cellphone to take along. She told me the flight was fun, with individual TV to watch! She watched Aladdin in Japanese, then saw some anime program she really enjoyed - I guess they offer Asian programming because lots of people fly to Vancouver and then on to Japan or China. She already started shopping, and bought herself a necklace, and she was phoning me because she was already worried about how much money she'd need for the taxi in Victoria! I told her it would be about $30, so she was fine, but she'd better stop shopping, because it's not good to spend all your money on the first day at the airport, before you've even reached your final destination; she'd probably see much nicer things in Victoria.

A bit after we'd hung up, I thought I'd call the Aunts, just to let them know she'd arrived in Vancouver, and everything was on schedule. No answer. Hmmm. Well, I thought maybe they'd dashed out to the grocery store to get some snacks, so I tried again half an hour later. No answer. Now I'm starting to get worried. I started calling every 10 minutes. I kept checking the online information from Victoria airport, and saw that Emma's flight had arrived. Kept calling - NO ANSWER!!!

Now I'm starting to freak out. Where were they? Had they forgotten today was the day she was arriving? Did they have a medical emergency and have to rush to the hospital? Finally I opted for the most logical explanation: they'd both been murdered, and Emma was about to walk in on a crime scene, maybe with the murderer still there, lying in wait for her.

Dean arrived home, and started phoning himself, every 5 minutes. I finally had to take a tranquillizer to keep me from going berserk. I even called my sister in Vancouver (not that she could DO anything about this) but she'd already left her office.

Finally, at about 4:30 west coast time, I got an answer. It was Auntie May - they'd all just walked in the door. The night before, they'd suddenly decided to take the bus out to the airport to meet Emma as a surprise, and bring her back on the bus! The taxi fare has gone up to over $50 now, and they thought it was a shame to waste so much money. Once you hear the explanation, it's so simple, but I honestly NEVER thought of such a thing. They didn't call to let me know, because they wanted to keep it a surprise! Thank goodness I didn't advise Emma to try to get on one of the earlier flights to Victoria - when I looked at the Vancouver airport departure board, it turns out that 5 flights to Victoria left during the 3 hours she was waiting there. Why they booked her on THAT particular one, I don't know; maybe it was because it was a special cheap fare. If I'd been there, I'd have tried to get on an earlier flight, but if she'd done that, she'd have missed them, they'd have arrived at the airport and she wouldn't have been on the flight, and SHE'D have gone to their house to find them gone! So it all worked out well in the end.



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God is good.

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