Monday, June 02, 2008

The Steyn showtrial begins

Mark Steyn's kangaroo court showtrial began today in Vancouver. Andrew Coyne is live-blogging it for Maclean's, Ezra Levant is also there and commenting on it, and it's shaping up to be a putrid disgrace, as expected. Meanwhile, Canada's journalists find it most becoming to hold a clove-studded orange to their noses and affect an All Is Well™ attitude. As Deborah Gyapong pointed out, no mention of this story in the Ottawa Citizen. But they did have space for another show trial: the start of the five-year hearings of the appropriately phony-sounding Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
This morning, when three commissioners gather for the first time in an Ottawa office to begin their monumental five-year task of leading the Truth and Reconciliation Commission into aboriginal abuse in the residential school system, Canada takes its historical place alongside such tarnished regimes as South Africa, Chile, El Salvador and Sierra Leone.

I wonder if they consulted an advertising agency to come up with that selling point? Like a new exhibit being added to Madame Tussaud's Murderer's Row, Canada is now being slotted into "its historical place", with countries that fielded murder squads during civil wars. Why wasn't Rwanda included there? Why isn't this being billed as Canada's Mini-Holocaust? Oops, mustn't go there, at least not yet. A few more years of normalization of anti-semitic pathology, (which we can count on the Human Rights Commissions to furnish) and that little parallel will no longer be considered taboo.

I think that this is what liberals have been longing for for years - the ecstatic climax of their self-loathing, self-annihilating existence. Finally, Canada is in the BIG leagues! We're world-class racists and criminals, and we are going to have a five-year wallow in sorrowful breast-beating, grovelling and abasement. It's hard for psychologically inadequate activists in Canada - the place has always been so darn NORMAL, it's almost impossible to get up a head of steam about anything. But just like global warming, which I never believed could achieve enough critical mass among intelligent people to be taken seriously, the activists found that if they clung long enough to some mildewed grievance and kept yelling about emergencies, people would surrender and treat them with importance.
"To think that we can somehow engineer reconciliation when we are not even doing the most basic things we should be doing towards native people, like treating them like they are equal citizens," said Kevin Annett, a former United Church minister who is a counsellor for aboriginal people in Vancouver.

"The problem is, a lot of the people I work with on the ground, the survivors, are not asking about reconciliation. They are asking: When are we going to get our day in court? When are the people responsible going be brought to justice? And from the looks of it, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission is not set up to do that."

Well, I don't know, Kevin. What do their lawyers say? When are they planning to file a complaint with the police and have the abusers charged with the crimes? That's the only way they're going to get their day in court, if in fact that's what they really want, instead of just a nice cheque from the government in the mail. Justice is something you have to fight for - ask Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant.

Anyway, the last time I heard of Kevin, he was planning some showboat stunt to uncover mass graves of Indian children slaughtered by Victorian Christians - nothing much came of that, as it turned out. He had to content himself with making a scene at a Catholic church on Easter Sunday.

Just as with the HRC phony trials, there is no attempt to go through the courts to prosecute real criminal activity. No, it will be 150 years of Canadian history, with philosophies and theories that changed continually all that time, which will be grandiosely tried by the modern-day Goodthinkers. We will all be invited to gasp with horror at impolite letters from school administrators written in 1880, and pretend that life wasn't cold, uncomfortable, exhausting and disease-ridden for everyone in the raw pioneer society of that era.


Anonymous Antique said...

Kevin Annett lost my sympathetic ear (what there was of it) when he used the word "survivors" to describe his, as it would seem, paying clients.

Survivors, indeed! Well do I remember Canada's Georgetown Campaign of the Great Dark Summer. The suspension of Parliament, the international pleas for military assitance, the imposed draft upon Canada's young men and women of ages 12 and older.

Much information was suppressed at this time, but the impartial Press managed to record how heroically the Canadian government tried to appease those savages. They really, really tried. But those Inuit folks just wouldn't listen to reason. The protests became organized. They spread, they grew larger. Soon all of Canada was under the oppresive thumb of the Inuits. They lined up the European invaders in parking lots and showed them drawings of Indians holding whitemen's scalps and brandishing nasty-looking drugstore plastic tomahawks. They held up petitions in deliberately threatening manners that caused ladies to swoon and polite gentlemen to curse under their breath.

The chaos threatened to spill over into the USA, and that's when the Americans sent in the heavy guns, which Canada eagerly accepted and put to their great advantage. So much so that the European invaders lost all sense of perspective and brought about the world' most horrific genocide. Sure, the world could overlook the carpet bombings that were the order of the day, indiscriminately killing Inutit, young and old, in their mud and wattle huts where they gathered around one lump of glowing coal to keep warm in the winter. The air straifing, the long range chemical warheads, the scorched-earth policies--these, too the world could understand as necessary tools to maintain a peaceful government. But when the whiteman scrambled the satellite TV broadcasts so the Inuits could no longer watch The Commedy Channel...

Oh, the humanity!

Why, I'm surprised anyone ever survived the organized and merciless genocide that European Canada purpetrated upon them.

These must be the survivors that Keven mentions. Good for them! The Great Dark Summer is studied in political science courses the world over, supplanting such milder attrocities as the Armenian Genocide, the Albigensian Crusade ("Kill them all, the Lord will know his own") and that rather cute attempt in the mid-20th century to eliminate bothersome people living in central Europe. The world cannot stand for this and thus Canada must be torn down, emptied and restarted with a few log cabins, some leather skins and a knitting needle.

But as to the VICTIMS and their FAMILIES of criminal acts committed by individuals, let them file a complaint at the local constablulary. And in all earnesty, strive for justice.

The problem with these latter day crusades of justice is that the VICTIMS and PURPETRATORS are all gone. As I have grown tired of saying here in my own country, "If my great-grandfather harmed your great-grandfather, then let your great-grandfather sue my great-grandfather. But as to us, I don't owe you a damned thing. Now go away, you silly person."

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