Friday, June 20, 2008

Autism in the schools, part 2

Meanwhile, today's Ottawa Citizen contained this story from Quebec in the newsbriefs section:
A coroner's report released yesterday revealed a nine-year-old autistic boy likely died of suffocation. On April 17, a teacher wrapped a weighted blanket, sometimes used to calm autistic children, four times around Gabriel Poirier, who had ignored warnings to stop misbehaving in class. With his head covered for more than 20 minutes, Gabriel eventually stopped making noise. When the teacher checked on him, he was "listless and blue in the face," the coroner's report said. Already in a deep coma, he died the next day in hospital.
All hail the "professionals".


Blogger TLF+ said...

May he be wrapped now in the Father's gentle embrace, his misunderstood mind now at one with the mind of Christ, and his breath eternal in the Holy Spirit.

Our autistic son had his first, ever, gran mal seizure a couple of weeks ago. He had never had one in 14 years...I didn't know if he was choking or what and when the violent movement stopped I thought I'd just seen him die.

He's on an anti-seizure med and back in his summer program now... we have some good folks helping us care for him here and we give thanks.

2:05 pm  
Blogger Dr. Mabuse said...

Thank goodness for that! My kids, too, have always been treated kindly by the school board here in Ottawa, so I don't have any personal gripe against the public school board. The autism program in Ottawa is very good, and they have good, well-trained people. (Wellesley, MA, was another story - full of bossy, officious types who wanted to run our lives.) It's so awful to think of the parents of this little guy, sending him off to school in the morning, and he never came back alive. It's the last thing you expect from people you entrust your kids to.

2:36 pm  

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