Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Creeping through the week

Finally, we have some warm weather! Today and tomorrow are supposed to be 13C, with some rain, so that will really melt a lot of the snow. In fact, they're now worried about flooding, and I saw today that the river is just over the bank down by the RA Center. There may be some roads underwater by Thursday.

Dean is off on his trip to Durham. He emailed me that the flight over way very comfortable, but he got to London just as a BLIZZARD hit! I doubt the English are altogether prepared for that sort of thing, and his rail and bus connections got very tangled up. He'll be back on Thursday, and I wrote that he may be surprised by how much snow has melted by his return.

I wrenched my left shoulder on Saturday; I think it came from smashing the ice on the driveway with a flat-bladed spade. It was like whacking stone, and I must have jarred a muscle. Anyway, this means that since Dean left on Saturday afternoon, I have LITERALLY been running this house single-handed.

Today I took Thomas for a dental cleaning, and they discovered that he has a big, ugly cavity in one of his back molars. There was the option of putting him completely to sleep for oral surgery, but that would have meant waiting until May. He's never had a cavity before (he's 16), and I think he can handle getting a filling in the chair, with local anaesthetic. It will be one of those things where the whole lower jaw is frozen (I had it myself last week - broke a tooth), but Thomas is very stoic. He's probably feeling pain from that tooth, but he never says a thing. Here's hoping it goes well; we have an appointment for next Thursday.

Something more serious happened to Emma this weekend; she had a seizure on Friday night. We woke up because we heard a big crash in her room, followed by some weeping - actually, I thought James had fallen out of bed. But we discovered that she had no muscle control at all - she tried to reach for something on her nighttable, and would knock it 4 feet across the room. We caught her twice from falling. She says she didn't fall down, but I think she must have fallen against her furniture, because the next day she had big bruises.

She'd told me before about these things, but I didn't understand until I saw it myself just how serious it was. I thought she was talking about little twitches of the muscles in her feet at night; this looked like a full-scale epileptic fit, no motor control at all. I think it's connected to some sort of sensory overload from watching the computer screen; it only seems to happen at night, the way nightmares are a kind of mental release of tension or stress that's accumulated during the day. I asked if it ever happened in the daytime, and she said only rarely, if she'd been staring at a computer screen. She once had some sort of little spasm at a school dance, when they used lasers. Anyway, we've got an appointment to see her GP on Monday, and I'm sure he'll refer her to a neurologist right away.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a friend whose daughter also has seizures which happen at night; and a niece whose reaction to a camera flash leads to ten minutes of unconsciousness and a few hours of recovery time... My prayers and sympathy are with you.

11:24 am  
Blogger Dr. Mabuse said...

Thanks anon. I have to admit, it's been worrying me all this week. We'd hoped that Emma would have the most "normal" life of all our kids, and now this. It looks like we were wise to hold off getting her into driving lessons; this is the sort of thing that might make driving problematic.

8:34 pm  
Blogger Kasia said...

I'll add Emma to my prayer intentions...

9:55 am  

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