Saturday, March 08, 2008

We're screwed, we're so screwed

That was a line from 'Galaxy Quest' - Guy as the voice of doom. It applies to us right now, in the brief moment of rest between storm waves. They've been predicting a big storm for us for two days now, but the estimates of snowfall have varied. My email alerts from The Weather Network have been lowballing it, estimating around 20cm, while the newscasters have been shamelessly catastrophizing about 40+cm, and even warning that we could be closing in on a new yearly snowfall record!

Until this morning, I was hoping that this would turn out to be a lot of hype, and the reality would be more modest, but this morning I got my email from The Weather Network and hope is gone. About 8cm fell last night, and right now nothing's happening except the wind is building. But they are predicting about 10cm will fall this afternoon, and another 20cm this evening.

We're doomed.

I didn't even post about the big snowstorm we had on Wednesday, which resulted in another snowday for the kids and pretty much paralyzed the city. I'm starting to get dizzy, trying to remember how much snow we've had this week, but I do know that there is nowhere left to put it now. The hills at the foot of the driveway are over 5' again, and another foot just falling on top will make it impossible to see out into the street. And that's not even counting what will happen when the snow ploughs come by and we have to dig out the driveway again. I think our 2-lane highway will be reduced to one, as the snow can't be lifted off the road, just pushed to the side, and one lane has already half disappeared.

Lucky me, the digital camera has gone missing right now (thanks, James!) so I can't even post photos unless it shows up again. I hope it didn't drop out of my pocket while I was shovelling on Wednesday, or else we won't see it for another two months.

UPDATE: It was BAD. They say 41cm of snow fell over the last 48 hours; in places where there was a corner, like at the side of our garage, it was drifted up to 4 feet! We shovelled out this morning; now our driveway is a narrow channel through 6' high snowwalls. Six feet! You can lie down on the ground next to the wall of snow and imagine what it's like at the bottom of a grave. There are hardly any cars driving by - I saw a lady cross-country skiing at the side of the road, and someone else riding a bicycle. I think the driveways are so clogged, people can't get their cars out, and are turning to other transportation, if they can find it. We did see some ambulances driving up and down the road - I said maybe they're just looking to pick up people who've collapsed while trying to shovel out their driveways.


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