Friday, March 28, 2008

Creeping Sharia Watch: Muslims should be seen and not heard

That seems to be the opinion of The Citizen's religion writer, Jennifer Green, in this post on her blog (it was also printed in this morning's Citizen).
The Vatican has always had a sublime talent for getting its message across without saying a word. So what is Pope Benedict really communicating by baptizing a Muslim convert who mouthed off about his former faith?
Excuse me? Mouthed off? MOUTHED OFF???

Let's try that sentiment again, transposed into a higher key:
So what is President Reagan really communicating by insituting a special day to honour Martin Luther King, Jr., a black leader who mouthed off about civil rights?
Or maybe
So what is Stephen Harper really communicating by urging China to "use restraint" in dealing with Tibetan monks who mouthed off about oppression in their homeland?
Just what is GREEN "really communicating" by her mealy-mouthed complaint that the Pope of Rome, IN ROME, should watch his step when carrying out his duties to his own flock?

Let me try to answer her question: He's communicating that we Catholics are VERY HAPPY that another person has become a Catholic. We are CELEBRATING. We think it is a GOOD THING to be a Christian.

This insinuation that if a person absolutely HAS TO convert from Islam to Christianity, he should at least do it in a shamefaced, hole-in-a-corner way, and keep it as secret as possible because otherwise the dogs will start snarling and baring their teeth, is offensive and outrageous. It's as offensive as insisting that a woman with a violent, jealous ex-husband should have to keep her remarriage a secret.

Becoming a Christian is a thing to rejoice over. There are places where such an act can't be done publicly, and it has to be done furtively: Saudi Arabia is one. But the bandit-law of sharia has no power in Rome, and Benedict XVI is not willing to let the dog in the manger rule in his house.


Anonymous Antique said...

Oh, my, yes! And did you read the other? Muslims have responded by saying the baptism was "a triumphalist tool for scoring points."

Ummmm, yeah. Which Muslims were they? I'm guessing there were other Muslims in Britain who said "He'll have to go" while those in Italy might have said, "Hey! Al Luigi Bin Lasagna! Take the new Christian for a ride. One way. Capiche?"

And there were probably the vast majority of Muslims who said, "And this interests me... How?"

8:29 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think most Moslems were saying the Quran justifies us killing him now, he is an apostate...and if we have a chance, we'll take the Pope out too...

plenty more creeping sharia here -

11:09 am  

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