Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bathroom reno, part I - finished!

At last! The main bathroom upstairs is fully functional! The walk-in shower is beautiful, the floor drain works well, the sink looks lovely (even though we haven't installed the shroud yet). The only thing to be done now is wait for the glass door to be made for the shower, and figure out where to put a few towel bars and shelves. Oh, and we're waiting for a new door to the room - I want a solid wood one, not the usual cheap hollow ones that we have throughout the house.

James is thrilled to pieces - he must have taken a dozen showers over the weekend, just to experience it. Thomas took a little longer (he doesn't like new things), but eventually came round, and now he likes it too.

They were supposed to start working on the second bathroom this week, but some other job was running overtime, so we postponed it for one week. Just as well; OUR job took 4 weeks instead of 3 (from an initial estimate of 2!) and I was really getting worn out with all the workmen in the house every day. I need a week to decompress.

While things are becoming more beautiful upstairs, James continues his criminal career DOWNSTAIRS. On Sunday, he managed to rip the door off the downstairs bathroom! We didn't hear a thing - he pulled the hinges right out of the doorframe, and the next thing we knew, Thomas was fluttering over saying "Oh, no!", and there was James, carrying the door. The hinges must have been loose, but still - he's very adept at finding a way to lever things, and he must have popped out the top hinge, then just pushed it at an angle to get the other hinge off. This is why I'm planning to replace ALL the doors inside.


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