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Archbishop disdains doubletalk

Naturally, I'm talking about a Catholic archbishop, not an Anglican one, still less the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Ottawa's Archbishop Prendergast has announced that pro-abortion politicians will be barred from communion. About time. Archbishop Gervais muttered the right sounds on the subject, but never did anything about it - too accustomed to his cozy friendships with the important people in Ottawa. Sometimes an impudent priest or bishop back in the constituency would preach a stern sermon, but nothing ever disturbed the complacency of pro-abortion politicians when they are at home in Ottawa.

The writer of the article rushes to the bulging stable of Catholic crackpots and malcontents to update the archbishop of Catholic teaching:
Rosemary Ganley, co-ordinator of Catholics for a Free Choice Canada, said Archbishop Prendergast's position is wrong in canon law, and wrong in a country like Canada where church and state are separate.

"This is disappointing in the extreme, and there are many other church leaders in this country who wouldn't go as far as he did on this because they know this position isn't supportable," she said.
Yeah, why can't he be like those nice, tame Anglicans? It only took a few years to housebreak them, and now they can even do tricks!
She said canon law gives church officials the right to deny sacraments or even excommunicate if people procure or provide abortions, but it is silent on people who support the right to choose.

"There's nothing in there saying he could deny communion to people who are pro-choice," she said. "So even within the church's own terms, he's on very, very shaky ground."
He's in good company, then:
Responding to an Italian journalist who asked if politicians in Mexico City [who voted to permit first-trimester abortion] should be considered excommunicated, the pope replied: "Yes."

"The excommunication was not something arbitrary," the pope said. "It is part of the Code (of Canon Law). It is based simply on the principle that the killing of an innocent human child is incompatible with receiving communion, which is receiving the body of Christ. Thus, (the bishops) didn't do anything new or anything surprising or arbitrary."
Notice the abortion propagandist's weaselly shift, from politicians who, by an exercise of will, actively do something that will produce abortions, to the barely-present "people who support the right to choose". The Archbishop is not talking about "people" and what they "support" - he's talking about a politicians and what they DO. The Church is not grabbing Joe Catholic and flinging him up against the wall as he walks to the altar rail, in order to beat out of him his opinion on abortion and then punish him for it.
Furthermore, she said Archbishop Prendergast should realize he's in a country with a charter of rights that has been interpreted to protect a woman's right to choose, and that politicians are sworn to uphold the Constitution, which contains the charter.
So? What politician is not "upholding the Constitution" here? What does that mean? Politicians are allowed to vote against proposed laws - that's their job. Opposing things IS "upholding the Constitution". The Archbishop is being strict with Catholic politicians who help enact disgusting abortion laws, not politicians who tried and failed to stop them. These pro-abortion types seem to think that our abortion "laws" resulted from some sort of miraculous virgin birth. They're like any other law. Someone said "I think we should do this," and somebody else said, "No, we shouldn't" and the argument went on from there. The laws are passed by a combination of people who are strongly motivated, and other people who really couldn't care less. It's like the laws on banking, immigration, the environment - everything. That's how things are done. And when one side loses the argument, it doesn't mean that they must publicly recant their former ideas and become propagandists for the new status quo, and anything less is a failure to "uphold the Constitution". That sort of mental rape only happens in dictatorships and Canadian Human Rights Commissions.

Here's hoping Archbishop Prendergast will do more than just talk about barring the self-defined Catholics who bear responsibility for the abortion laws in this country. He can start with the McGuinty gang.


Blogger SpongJohn SquarePantheist said...

heh heh. I have disagreements with Catholic theology, but this makes me come over all warm and fuzzy and ecumenical.

It's wonderful to think there's still a force in the world that can stare secular idiocy and evil in the face and say, "Ummm, sorry buddy, I just can't go along. And you don't scare me. And your arguments are cretinous and sick. Have a nice day."

10:55 pm  
Blogger Dr. Mabuse said...

Well, let's hope it goes beyond just talk! Though the fact that a clergyman would even SAY this made the front page of the Ottawa Citizen.

6:03 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

more recent news on the topic:

Calgary Herald commentary:

Archbishop on CFRA MP3(Mar 12):

Prominent US Canon Lawyer:

God Bless!

10:29 pm  

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