Sunday, January 20, 2008

I knew it

Ezra Levant spills the beans on what triggered the complaint by Sayed Sowarhardy to the HRC and brought us all the sight of a free citizen forced to explain his deviant thinking thinking to the State.
The first time I met the complainant, the radical Muslim imam Syed Soharwardy, was when I debated him on CBC radio, nearly two years ago. The subject was the Danish cartoons.

As a part-time pundit, I do debates like that every week, but Soharwardy doesn't, and he wasn't used to being challenged so vigorously. I went about the rest of my day as usual; Soharwardy went to the police to ask them to arrest me.

They laughed him out of the police station, but the human rights commission welcomed him, and has chased me for two years now, using tax dollars and government bureaucrats.
Sowarhardy had his ass kicked before the whole world by a Jew. This is a case of (dum-dum-dum-dummmmmmm) JEWMILIATION! And of course, it must be avenged! (I'll take the opportunity to put here the one dirty joke I've ever written:
Q: Why don't Muslims go to Israeli steam baths?
A: Because they're the only ones who aren't JEWMUNGOUS!)
Ezra obligingly provides a scan of Sowarhardy's shakily scrawled complaint, but he neglects to inform you that this is, in fact, the second draft. The first one stated that as a result of his encounter with Mr. Levant, Sowarhardy's penis melted away, due to Zionist witchcraft. Some Osgoode Hall law students managed to persuade him to delete that section.

And now, we will close our broadcasting day with a poem by Chesterton, who in 1913 foresaw our present controversies:
A Song of Cosmopolitan Courage

I am so swift to seize affronts,
My spirit is so high,
Whoever has insulted me
Some foreigner must die.

I brought a libel action,
For The Times had called me "thief",
Against a paper in Bordeaux,
A paper called Le Juif

The Nation called me "cannibal"
I could not let it pass--
I got a retraction
From a journal in Alsace.

And when The Morning Post raked up
Some murders I'd devised,
A Polish organ of finance
At once apologised.

I know the charges varied much;
At times, I am afraid,
The Frankfurt Frank withdrew a charge
The Outlook had not made.

And what the true injustice
Of the Standard's words had been,
Was not correctly altered
In the Young Turk's Magazine.

I know it sounds confusing--
But as Mr. Lammle said,
The anger of a gentleman
Is boiling in my head.


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