Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas baking

It's Christmas, so naturally the baking is going into overdrive. I made butter tarts one day last week while the kids were at school, and as they're Thomas's favorite I pointed the treat out to him on his return home. He beamed, then went upstairs for his regular afterschool shower. When he came back downstairs, he headed over to the tarts, and said cheerfully as he floated past me in the kitchen, "How's your cooking?" I love it when he makes conversation.

I also made a cherry pie to be raffled off at Dean's Christmas office party, for the benefit of the Snowsuit Fund. I'm proud to say that my pie garnered $120 in sold raffle tickets! My pies have got a bit of a reputation now; I made a peach pie for their United Way benefit a few months ago, and the admiring compliments went on for days.

I also made Christmas puddings - 2 different recipes, one of which came from a Mrs. Beeton's cookbook. I did everything right, but the quantity turned out differently from what they specified. I ended up with TWO big puddings and an additional small one, instead of just one big one. We tasted the small one, just to see if I'd made some mistake, but it seemed just fine. I must say, this is the most alcoholic pudding recipe I've found yet - 1/4 cup brandy and over 1/2 cup sherry (the recipe called for stout, but that would have required a special trip to the liquor store, so I substituted sherry).


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