Thursday, November 08, 2007

Bums 1, Decent Folk 0

We had another Mountie killed yesterday - just a 20-year old kid, on his first assignment. All alone on duty up in a village in Nunavut; with no backup, he was sent to investigate a drunk driver who'd crashed his car into his own house. When he got there, the drunk shot and killed him.

Here's the story.
Pingoatuk Kolola - known as "Ping" to everyone in Kimmirut - was charged Wednesday in Iqaluit, about 120 kilometres north of Kimmirut, where he remains in custody accused of shooting the rookie Mountie.

Kolola is a maintenance worker with the Kimmirut Housing Association. He lived with his pregnant girlfriend, Olittua Judea, and their nine-month-old son, Adam, in a new neighbourhood of homes on a windswept hill overlooking the main village on the southern shore of Baffin Island.
Let's see what else we know about this fine, upstanding citizen. At the moment, his girlfriend is working on illegitimate child Number 6. He's got 4 other kids by some other girlfriend he never married. He'd had one earlier brush with the law 5 years ago: "He pleaded guilty to one count of assault for an attack on his girlfriend and was sentenced to 45 days in jail and one year of probation."
Alcohol was a factor in that incident, the court heard.
You don't say? And this time around?
"Ping is a quiet guy," said Pitsiulala Padluq, a woman who works at the village's Co-op store, "but that night he was drunk and he and his girlfriend were fighting and arguing."

So. He's living in a dry community, but he's out getting drunk and fighting with his pregnant girlfriend. Then he's caught driving drunk with the nine-month old baby in the car (we found that out in a later story) and ends up crashing the vehicle when he reaches home. Where was the mother, by the way? Was she left at home during all this? Did he get drunk, ditch the mother somewhere and drive home alone with the baby? Did they go out together with the baby in tow, drinking and fighting and then drive home? Is the baby OK? Was the mother sober and let a drunk drive off with her child, or was she drunk too?

I don't know what they do up in Nunavut, but we have a name for people like this down here:


But do you suppose we're going to hear anything that "judgmental" in this case? Whenever you read that this happened in "a very small community, very tight-knit community," (pop. 400) and the accused is related to half the town, you know that there will be a brief outbreak of pious sympathy for the dead, then a closing of ranks to protect one of "ours" against the outsiders.


Anonymous ellie m said...

Tsk, Dr Mab, that really was very judgmental of you!

Oh wait... I called you judgmental, so that means that I'M being judgmental, doesn't it! Naughty me!

Oh no, I was just judgmental against myself!! How could I be so insensitive to my own feelings?

You know what, let's just forget I said anything...

5:06 pm  
Blogger Mrs. Falstaff said...

I think the more important question to ask is, what the heck was a 20 year old cop doing on duty *alone*?

11:26 pm  
Blogger Dr. Mabuse said...

That is indeed the question, Mrs. F! And the RCMP is already trying to brush it off, saying that Scott was quite mature enough to handle it, and this is nothing unusual. Well, excuse me, but this has already happened before, and they don't seem to have learned anything from it. An isolated community up in the Arctic is not Hobbiton - you can't assume that this is a nice, easy assignment for a young fellow to learn the ropes; he's very likely going to encounter people suffering from alcoholism and depression, and naturally there are guns. The RCMP can't just understaff in dangerous situations, and shrug it off when the inevitable happens. It's like sending our soldiers to Afghanistan with those flimsy jeeps; if DND had just shrugged and suggested that getting killed is part of the job, the politicians would have lost their jobs the next day. As it was, there was a scramble to get armoured vehicles out there after the second incident, because such insouciance is just unacceptable. This isn't WWI anymore.

8:51 am  

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