Monday, October 22, 2007

Last auction of the season

I always say that, but I think this time it IS - there aren't any more listings in October that interest me, and after that month very little happens, and we have to wait until April or May for the new season. This one was a fun one, though, with lots of junk to sift through. It was a tiny house in Kemptville - the lady who lived there had moved to a retirement home, and there were many decades of weird stuff accumulated, including a garage filled with dusty junk. I found an old chrome table with 3 matching chairs, very 1950s "atomic" pattern on both - the legs were rusted away, but they don't matter; I've removed the upholstered seats and backrests, and will just wait until I find some nondescript old chairs with good chrome frames, then switch the upholstered parts. The table was really nice, though; it was so covered in dirt I couldn't really tell, but when I got it home and washed it off I discovered that the top is in excellent condition - no chips or scratches. I'll keep the top and wait until I can find some good legs to put on it. Altogether it was $5.

I got an old clothes hamper with science fiction books in it for $5, and when I got it home I found half a dozen old world maps from the late 50s which I gave to Dean. One he was very excited about; it was a heavily propagandized map of political systems, with lots of Red Scare information about the USSR. He figured it was printed before the Sino-Soviet split, and BEFORE Cuba became Communist. An interesting little period piece.

Some more random books which I'll look at over the winter. One was an omnibus book of 3 of Graham Greene's novels, and right now I'm reading "The Ministry of Fear". Very enjoyable. I tried Greene once, a long time ago, and didn't like him for some reason. I think I was expecting his work to be comedy, because one of his novels was made into a movie with Alec Guinness. This time, with no preconceptions, I'm enjoying him a lot. He reminds me a bit of Chesterton, but not so anarchic; maybe a little Orwell mixed in, to settle him down.

The rest was mostly odds and ends - it's amazing how much fun you can have for just $20 at an auction. In a box of fabric, I found an old bright pink angora sweater. The elbows were worn out but it was very clean, so after admiring how soft it was, I put it in a discard pile. James found it, and liked it so much he put it on and wore it around the house yesterday morning. Autistic people are often hyper-sensitive to sound, touch, smell, etc., and both Thomas and James like very soft clothes, so the angora must have just been irresistible. My little Ed Wood.


Blogger The Bovina Bloviator said...

No percolators?

10:27 pm  
Blogger Dr. Mabuse said...

No, no percolators this time! And no old phones to mess around with, either! I deduct points for that, but overall it was a good auction.

6:32 am  
Anonymous Mrs. Falstaff said...

You could probably overdye that sweater, if you have a problem with him wearing pink!

1:12 pm  

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