Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Election day

We're having a provincial election in Ontario today. I've done some volunteer work for our local Conservative candidate, Richard Raymond, over the past few weeks, so today I went to be a scrutineer for the morning at a poll out by the General Hospital. It was actually quite a lot of fun. This isn't Chicago, after all, so I was hardly expecting to have to deal with any crookedness. The poll clerks and DRO were all very agreeable, and it was fun to hear everyone chatting with their neighbours as they met at the polls. A lot of very old people in this area, I must say - probably the most stalwart voters left in Ontario.

I sat and chatted and did Sudoku puzzles when things were slack. Mostly what I did was to check the voters' lists from time to time, to tick off on my list of identified Conservative voters those who'd already been to the polls. I turned that in at headquarters later in the day, and this evening anyone who hasn't voted will be called to be urged to go vote.

It really was very easy and agreeable - more people should do this sort of thing, because it really isn't all that hard. Maybe in some really disputed areas, things might get nasty, but I kept noticing how very Canadian it all seemed, with people being so polite and good-humoured. Maybe next time I'll sign up for a longer stint, and even stay until the polls close so I can get to watch the vote being counted.

UPDATE: The dog returned to the vomit - we have another Liberal govt. for another 4 years. Bah. Dean says the turnout was extraordinarily low, less than 50%. Oh well, I did what I could.


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