Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sandwich quiz

For once, a personality quiz that is ABSOLUTELY, 100% ACCURATE!!!

You Are a Grilled Cheese Sandwich

You are a traditional person with very simple tastes.

In your opinion, the best things in life are free, easy, and fun.

You totally go with the flow. And you enjoy every minute of it!

Your best friend: The Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Your mortal enemy: The Ham Sandwich

Yes! I AM a grilled cheese sandwich! And I even had one for supper yesterday! (Dean was at a practice, got home late, and I didn't feel like having a big supper as it was hot out.) (A tip of the stethoscope to Dr. Sanity


Blogger The Bovina Bloviator said...

Oh dear, Doctor, I took the same test and I'm afraid you and I are now mortal enemies because I am a ham sandwich. What a shame, I thought we were going to be such good friends.

I think I will be going now, don't try to stop me. Please pray for me (Sob!).

10:28 pm  
Blogger Dr. Mabuse said...

Oh, crumb. Hmmm... Well, according to some of the disgusting cookbooks from the 50s I've been picking up at auctions, it should be perfectly possible to make a ham sandwich WITH peanut butter and jelly, so that would solve everything!

11:33 am  
Blogger Nicholodeon said...

Hey Doc
I, like the Bovina Bloviator, am a ham sandwich...although when I was a boy the grilled cheese sandwich with a bowl of Heinz tomato soup made with water not milk and a glass of milk was my every day school lunch...with a slice of dill pickle.

I have the 1949 edition of Watkins Cookery Book, and virtually every recipe includes a cup of butter and/or a cup of sugar. Mmmm. Roast beef never tasted

12:36 pm  
Blogger Nicholodeon said...

Was the auction in Almonte at the McCuan homestead perchance?

12:38 pm  
Blogger The Bovina Bloviator said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

3:10 pm  
Blogger Kasia said...

I'm a ham sandwich too. I fail to see, however, why grilled cheese and ham are such deadly enemies. I should think peanut butter would be our common enemy, as a pickle goes well with either grilled cheese or ham, but is an utterly revolting thought with PBJ.

Fifties cookbooks are appalling. They seem to have thought that adding Jell-O could only ever be an improvement...

3:42 pm  
Blogger The Bovina Bloviator said...

On the other hand, I am very partial to grill cheese and bacon--which is almost ham--so maybe we can reach an accord. After all, just look at the ham sandwich's stellar profile:

You Are a Ham Sandwich

You are quiet, understated, and a great comfort to all of your friends.
Over time, you have proven yourself as loyal and steadfast.
And you are by no means boring. You do well in any situation - from fancy to laid back.

Your best friend: The Turkey Sandwich

Your mortal enemy: The Grilled Cheese Sandwich

So I guess I'll come back. Did you miss me?

3:51 pm  
Blogger Dr. Mabuse said...

It wasn't the same here without you, bb.

And yes, I believe it WAS the McCuan sale I went to, Nick. How did you know about it? ARe there some relations out there where you are? We were told not to worry if we were bidding against members of the family for items which were of sentimental value, because they were all rolling in money, and we should go right ahead and make them pay handsomely!

5:02 pm  
Blogger Nicholodeon said...

Well, for 15 years and more, my penpal was Dan McCuan from Almonte and although we never met, the place in the pix looked like the sort of place he might have had.

He was an organist, and lived alone. He taught recorder in the schools for years and was retired. He travelled two or three times a year to England, and went to every opera performed in Toronto.

He died of prostate cancer not too long ago, and the brother wrote to tell me of it. And I gathered they were not interested in any of this stuff, but the tin toys would have fetched a pretty penny anywhere except in Almonte.

Anyway, thought I wd ask.

6:25 pm  
Blogger Dr. Alice said...

I'm a PB&J, so I guess that makes us BFFs. :D Those personality quizzes are a lot of fun.

12:08 pm  

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