Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Quiet week

As I mentioned, this past week was a quiet one - the kids were at the computer a lot, so I didn't have much time to post. Not much going on, anyway.

I found a wasps' nest cunningly built into the stone wall on the right of the garden (the one on the other side of the stairs, opposite the one we rebuilt). The grey, papery bulge looked just like a piece of stone; only when I noticed wasps coming and going did I realize what it was. I went to Canadian Tire to buy a can of wasp-killer, but I couldn't use it right away. The instructions say wait until evening or early morning, when the wasps are in the nest and quiet. Since I had to wait, of course I then forgot all about the nest, and did the stupid thing of trying to pull up some weeds right in front of it. Zing! Wasp sting just above my wrist. It's still swollen and itchy, two days later.

Well, retribution came the next morning. I crept out at 5:00AM and blasted the nest with killer foam. Then I used the little straw attached to the can to spray some more poison into the nest. Some wasps tried to break out, but I covered them up with more spray. Half a dozen were already outside the nest, and tried to get in, but they were overcome by the poison too. Later on, we found a big pile of dead wasps lying at the bottom of the wall, and Dean scraped out the nest so they wouldn't be tempted to come back some day and rebuild.

Emma and I picked the cherries from the tree. We got about 3 cups, and I had to supplement them with some canned sour cherries to make a pie. It turned out very nice, though.
The next project will be the currants. I think they're ripe, and probably tomorrow I'll pick them and start the jelly-making process.


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