Friday, July 13, 2007

Plant cemetery

Nicholodeon has a very funny blog, called DOGma reVIEW, that I just got around to visiting. His view of the Anglican Communion as a dog-centered world is delightfully skewed (particularly the bulletins from "Lambone Palace"). Dean and I started a similar game as we watched The Mahabharata on TV - creating a dog-version called "The Mahabarkata", which revolved around the dogs of all the main characters. Yin was Krishna's dog, of course.

The part I laughed at the most was his sidebar story (which unfortunately doesn't have it's own link) about a new Plant Cemetery in California, because it tied in so nicely with my own gardening craze. It's the special burial plot for weeds that I enjoyed the most. I just hope I don't get prosecuted for desecrating a dandelion.
Plant cemetery opens in Los Angeles

'I am the Vine' facility bursts into bloom

Los Angeles, USA--Never far from cutting edge far-left religious thought, the Los Angeles ecclesial jurisdiction today authorized opening a cemetery for departed house plants and all defunct vegetation.

Spokseman Kinki Bitschin, Rectrix of St. Rotweiler's, said, 'This concept is, like, totally so California! The burial grounds lie next to our sanctuary building. We will conduct burial services using the new rites developed for this purpose.'

Miss Bitschen further explained that gay houseplants are welcome to rest in the spacious grounds of the new facility. 'And where same sex plants have been matrimonially linked, we are able to accommodate side by side burial, too. Our jurisdiction is just so totally up to speed on current trends and developments!'

She added, 'Cremation is available. There's even a plot of unhallowed ground for weed enterment. We are, like, so totally ecumenical, too. For the same fee, we will conduct burial services for house plants of any denomination, cult or creed!'

Readers will note that front-runner theological thinkers will be able to rationalize anything, providing the price is right.


Blogger Nicholodeon said...

Deeply honoured, Doc.

12:23 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol :-)

7:02 pm  

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