Friday, June 08, 2007

Quest for coffee

We have the same problem buying coffee that we do buying salt or sugar or baking powder, or anything that comes in powdered form. A tin of coffee is just a prop for James's endless Thomas the Tank Engine dramas, and he always dumps it out for his trains to run through. The solution is the same as the salt one - buy individual packets of coffee, like they have in hotels and offices. Fortunately, this is easier to find than salt packets - office supply stores generally stock them. However, I fear that Staples may be clearing out their supply, because their boxes of individual coffee packets are heavily discounted. As a result, I'm running around town, buying up every box I can find. Right now, I think I have a year's supply in the car, and I'm going to try all the other Staples stores to see if they've got any left.

There is one alternative solution, though, which doesn't hold when it comes to the salt problem - I can get coffee beans and grind them myself. James doesn't seem to care about the beans, it's the soft ground coffee that he wants. I do grind coffee on weekends sometimes, when there's no rush to make coffee in the morning, but I seem to be the ONLY one who will do it; Dean really doesn't like to mess around with measuring cups, he prefers to open a package and dump the coffee into the percolator.

Actually, I recently found a book about how to roast your own coffee, and I'd love to try that some time. You can actually use a popcorn popper - the only problem is that the roasting beans throw off a fair amount of chaff, so it would probably be better to do it outside. All I have to do is find some place that sells green coffee beans.


Blogger Matthew said...

Very nice people and a helpful website for home roasting.

1:18 pm  
Blogger Nicholodeon said...

Welcome back, Doc. As one who doesn't ever watch hockey I missed your daily input.

Who measures coffee? Dean is right on..just pour the ground coffee in the thing until it is at the level it should be, assuming you have put the water in, plug it in and away we go.

I buy beans, and when I am feeling playful I mix the beans so that I have Nick's Secret Special blend of beans, what I grind (again just scooping the beans into the grinder, no measuring, and then brewing).

Again, Doc, welcome back to the land of the living.

3:02 pm  
Blogger Dr. Mabuse said...

Oh, I'm living - just very tired. James keeps waking us up earlier; his inner clock is based on the rising sun, so as the days get longer, my sleep gets shorter! Plus I've been struggling with trying to edit down little snippets of Mosjoukine films to put on YouTube, and it takes forever.

8:36 pm  
Blogger The Bovina Bloviator said...

Doctor, you might consider this outfit. They service the music studio where I work.

10:40 pm  
Anonymous captainyips said...

Ditto on Sweet Maria's. They also sell roasters. The Nesco roaster is small and slow, but has a clever catalytic converter that reduces smoke and chaff.

11:31 am  
Blogger Dr. Mabuse said...

Oh, thanks for the links, guy! I never really thought one could buy a roaster today, and I've been hoping to find an antique one in the course of my auction rambles. I'll look into this; I don't know who doesn't love the smell of roasting coffee. Even people who don't like to DRINK it like the smell of it. And thanks VERY much for the link to the supply company, BB - they have all sorts of coffee varieties, in individual packets. I definitely will look into buying from them.

12:09 pm  

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