Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pigs in Pokes

Gee, I'd almost forgotten about this article. It came out the same day as the Fleming opinion piece below. It was a letter to the editor referring to it that reminded me.

This article is mostly concerned with the same-sex stuff that will be making the headlines, but the paragraph that stopped me cold is on the second page (and is the one the letter-writer zeroed in on, too):
While sexual ethics fuel this dispute, many believe the struggle is actually a deeper debate about core Anglican doctrine: a tug-of-war over the way Scripture should be interpreted in the 21st century.

Many Anglican traditionalists and evangelicals, for example, hold to the view that the resurrection of Jesus Christ was a real, historical event, just as the Bible says it was. Liberal attitudes are murkier; many say biblical accounts of Christ's "virgin birth" and resurrection should be interpreted symbolically, not literally.

So sensitive are these questions that none of the four bishops now seeking election to the leadership of the Canadian church agreed to answer questions about personal beliefs for this article.
That's what got me - the four candidates refuse to publicly confess what they believe. I've seen politicians get shifty during elections, but this is really bad. Whenever someone is nominated to the US Supreme Court, they have exhaustive hearings, and there's always a lot of attempting to "pin down" the candidates. They almost invariably refuse to answer questions like, "How would you rule in such-and-such a case?" because they say they can never decide any case in advance, and would have to judge each case on its merits. Infuriating, but logical. But I've never heard of a candidate refusing to say what they think of stare decisis, or Original Intent. It's like claiming to uphold the Constitution while refusing to define what the Constitution is.

And it's not just one candidate who's taking this tack - it's ALL of them! People will be voting in complete ignorance of the candidates basic beliefs. And this is the denomination that boasts about not having to leave their brains outside the church.


Blogger Bob the Ape said...

So let me get this straight - four Christian bishops, candidates for Primate of the Canadian Church, refuse to publicly say what they believe. The mind boggles. God help them.

7:43 am  
Anonymous ellie m said...

Can you blame them? A candidate for an Anglican bishopric who admitted to believing in the Virgin Birth and Resurrection would probably lose the election!!

10:05 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Q: Does God exist?

A: We'll need to get back with you on that.

Why would anyone an organization whose leaders don't believe in its mission?


11:52 am  
Anonymous Gerry Hunter said...

But has it not come to the point, with an Episcopal priest in the US now being able to claim to also be a Muslim, while her bishop says that thee eccumenical opportunities that provides are interesting, that one can beleive almost anything and still be an Anglican?

1:39 pm  

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