Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More garden pictures

A few months ago, I posted a picture of our pathetic stone retaining wall, which had collapsed through a combination of a)winter freeze-and-thaw and b)James. We finally got around to rebuilding it. We pulled it forward about one foot, and reset the stones, this time with cement so James won't be able to push them over. It was a messy job, and for some reason, we didn't have enough rocks, so we had to scrounge them from the other walls. But it turned out quite nice in the end. Now all I have to do is to fill it the gap behind the wall. I've bought several bags of earth, but I'll also toss some rubble back there, too (that's the way they build walls in India - not garden walls. HOUSE walls - filled up with rubble and dirt.)

As for the growing things, I think we're going to pick the cherries this weekend:

And, of course, I have to show off the potatoes again:
And here are closeups of the flowers.

I LIKE potato flowers - I think they're very cute. The white ones are Chaleur potatoes, and the purple ones are Chieftain. The last variety, the All Red, are later, and their flowers haven't opened yet, but I suspect they'll be purple, too. this last variety has turned out to be susceptible to some leaf-biting creature, either the potato bug or the Japanese beetle. I sprayed them with a good all-purpose bug spray that would deal with the unknown pest. My hollyhocks have been RAVAGED by some bug, that's just skeletonized some of the leaves, so I sprayed them too. Today I went over to check them out, and there was a dead Japanese beetle lying right on a hollyhock leaf. Ha! Got him. I'll be spraying again next week. The interesting thing, though, is that while the hollyhocks were being tormented, my lilies were completely untouched, and usually Japanese beetles are a real pest for lilies. I can only suppose that they were so happy with the hollyhocks, they never got around to bothering the lilies.

By the way, it might get a little quiet in here over the next week. School ends today, and so the kids will be home all the time until summer camp begins after the long weekend. When they're home, they tend to monopolize the computer, so I may not be able to do much posting until they're in bed (and then I'm so tired I can't always get around to it).


Blogger Craig said...

Lovely pictures. Here in Vegas we're running typical Mojave, highs around 108, lows around 85, humidity in the single digits, and the only way to grow anything is to replace a big chunk of desert with a piece of Iowa and tolerate a water bill that's well beyond extortionate.

Sighhh... Sometimes I really do miss the climate back East, even if it does seem constantly damp...

3:39 pm  
Blogger Dr. Mabuse said...

But...but...on CSI, *everyone* in Las Vegas has beautiful lawns and lush gardens! And there's never a cactus to be seen!

4:29 pm  
Blogger Kasia said...

Yes, and they want to manage that with MY Great Lakes water! :-p

6:04 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is that marijuana I see growing in your garden?

10:31 am  

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