Saturday, June 09, 2007

Garden going great - pictures

First of all, behold the glory of the potato patch!!!

There are 88 potato plants growing in the New Garden, with a possible 4 more on the way (one hasn't come up yet, but I think it still will, and I planted 3 extras to make up for 3 duds.) Now, on to the tomatoes:

This year, I'm using black plastic mulch for the first time, because it keeps down weeds and increases the heat of the garden bed. Actually, it's not really plastic; it's a biodegradable membrane made partly of cornstarch; it'll break down by the end of the season, and I can just plough it under into the soil in the fall. As the season advances, I'll probably cover it with some organic mulch to help along the breakdown. I planted 9 tomato plants, all of different kinds, but one died so I'll have to replace it. An interesting thing is that we also have 3 bonus potatoes growing in this bed! They burst through the plastic mulch, much to my surprise - the extra heat seems to have really invigorated them. I don't know if these are potatoes we overlooked last year (this is where we grew potatoes last time) or if they were in the compost I applied before planting, and have just sprouted (I get a LOT of stray tomato plants that start up that way, and one year it was a canteloupe that planted itself in front of the irises). Whatever the origin, we're going to leave them, since the tomatoes will grow tall and shouldn't be affected - these can just grow along the ground as best they can, and we'll see what results when we dig them up later on.


Blogger Scott said...

Congrats on your potato garden. I am so jealous.

Every year, I fight the same losing battle against the weeds in my lawn (but I don't put the same effort in my lawn as you do your garden).

1:54 pm  
Blogger Dr. Mabuse said...

Five years ago, that whole backyard WAS grass, and I had the same problems you do, probably worse! The lawn always looked terrible, moss in one corner, ants elsewhere, dried out in the center and grubs EVERY YEAR! Lawns really take a lot of effort to look nice, and the pesticides and watering and reseeding never end (not to mention the mowing). I figured if I had to work that hard, I might as well do it on something that will reward the effort.

4:50 pm  

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