Saturday, May 19, 2007

On to the Finals

The Ottawa Senators beat Buffalo 3-2 in overtime this afternoon, clinching their place for the Stanley Cup finals. Of course, I never doubted them for a moment, despite my comments when, in the third period, they gave away their lead and let Buffalo tie the game, forcing overtime. No, don't be fooled by my growling, "That's it! They're choking AGAIN!! That's Ottawa for you - you can always rely on them to let you down," as the third period closed with a 2-2 tie. I said to Dean, that if despite leading the series 3-0, Buffalo should manage to fight back to WIN, it would be a disgrace they'd never live down. As Krankor in "Prince of Space" might have said, 'If you don't win, then don't bother coming back!'

But all's well, they won, and now they'll be off for a week before the finals begin. After the game, there was a post-game show, with a camera set up on Elgin street, the "Senators Mile", where the celebration was being held. The commentator said, "Isn't it nice? All those people out celebrating, and they're drinking tea and coffee instead of beer!" Well, it was only 5:30, by now those people are probably drinking something else.


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