Monday, April 02, 2007

Boys' Stuff

(Get the movie reference in the title?)*

Just a couple pictures of my boys. First, James. It's not summer yet, but here he is, daydreaming in an empty wading pool. It's only about 50F degrees out, and he's surrounded by dead leaves and a bag of garden waste, but in his imagination, it's a hot day and the hose is rigged up like a waterfall.

Next, is an example of Thomas's clever handiwork. He printed out all these pictures of cows, cut them out, then used clothespins to create "legs" so they could stand up. These have been moving all over the house - a herd of them started out on the piano, and this morning I found a line of them in the closet. (Neatly lining things up is a typical autistic trait.) I can't bear to take them apart, when he put so much work into them; I'll probably just buy some more clothespins.

* It was the name of Jefferson Smith's boys' paper. Turner Classic Movies showed 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington' this weekend, and the moment I watch a minute of that movie, I'm hooked.


Anonymous Mrs. Falstaff said...

I know what you mean about not having the heart to move them. My second son used to line up his cars. We'd walk into the living room, notice the line of cars and think, N___ was here!

9:30 am  

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