Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Sunday icon - Jesus and the Children

This is an old icon I found on eBay. It's quite small - it measures about 7"x9.5". I love it. (You can click on the picture to see it in greater detail.) Jesus looks so tender and almost "relaxed" in this icon, if you could say that about a figure in an icon. The disciples are standing off to one side, a little perplexed at this unexpected interruption in the Master's schedule. At the top, you can see a procession of more mothers and fathers carrying children coming from the city out to the green countryside where this little scene is taking place. We have other icons more exciting and dynamic, but this one just makes me happy to look at.


Blogger Nicholodeon said...

Bonitatem fecisti!

Tears in one's eyes. A rare, VERY rare icon indeed.

In this one, IC XC is not holding a child, but the one standing in front of IC XC is, according to our old tradition, St. Ignatius Antiokiskij and 'Bearer of God.' 20 December is his day (Old Style dating). In those icons where IC XC holds a child, the child is supposed to be St. Ignatius, as well.

The Name of the icon is correctly written in Church Slavonic. I am wracking my brain to recall when/if this Gospel is read in our Liturgy.

As you can imagine, contemporary and so-called 'Orthodox' icons showing Christ blessing the children are artistically horrendous.

You can almost imagine your icon having once been in the Imperial Nursery at Tsarskoe!

4:44 pm  

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