Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Cabin fever

The kids are going nuts, the way they always do at this time of year. James especially has a hard time at the end of the winter - he's been in the house all season, not enough fresh air, not enough exercise, and his temper is just atrocious. We still have some amusing incidents, though. Yesterday afternoon, I noticed he had a little cut on his wrist - rather a rough cut. "What's that?" I asked. "Ouch," he answered. "What happened?" "Wall did that." Oh, hmmm...well, I'm sure wall had a very good reason for doing it! I tell you, it's getting bad when even the WALLS are starting to fight back!

Then there was Thomas. Normally, he's very, very sweet-tempered and gentle, but sometimes he works himself into a sort of agitated, anguished state, and it can go on for HOURS! He can't wind himself down, he just goes on and on, whining, bouncing on his toes, reciting lines from movies, pounding on things, and being an all-around pest. ALL his autistic behaviours just bubble to the surface, and he's a complete MISERY. Eventually something distracts him, and he'll subside into his normal self again, but while this is going on, there's nothing at all you can do. So since there's nothing to do, we've just learned to tune it out as much as possible, with occasional probes to see if we can find an opening to distract him.

Last night he was in one of these moods, started by some dispute with James, I think. At one point, he was so mad, he went into the bathroom, got one of James's bath toys, and SPAT on it! It was such a weird thing to do, I just laughed my head off. Wow, he really showed HIM! And of course, James was nowhere around, he wasn't even on the same floor of the house, so the performance was solely for my benefit (James wouldn't have cared, anyway). Funny that Thomas would know that that's a sure-fire way of indicating contempt and hostility, because he's never done it before, and he couldn't have learned it from any of us - we're not a spitting household. Maybe he saw it on a movie somewhere. Well, we take our entertainment where we can find it.


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