Wednesday, January 17, 2007

This is Canada, after all

It's suddenly gotten very cold. It was -26C this morning when we got up - poor Yin could barely stand to put her paws on the ground when I took her out. I drove Emma to school, then when I got back home I was getting out of the van when I smelled gas! Out I go, to the other side of the wall where the gas meter is. Dean has piled sticks in front of it, so I have to push them away, and sure enough, there is a strong smell of natural gas out there. The hose does have white encrustation, but that could just as easily be snow. I thought I heard a hissing sound, too, but that also might have been the sound of snow sifting down. I went in, then went back out to check again, and I can still smell the gas, so I called the gas company emergency line. They're sending an inspector around. I suspect the severe cold damaged the line - hopefully just the rubber hose, not the metal pipe. Anyway, now I'm sitting here, too freaked out to do anything. I don't even dare turn on the iron! I've also turned off the furnace, which is a serious step in -24C temperatures, but why take a risk? At least it's warm in the house now, it should last a good several hours.

This might be a good time to try another batch of marmalade; I found some good blood oranges the other day, with nice red skins. Cutting them up should keep me busy for awhile.

Ooh, the inspector's just arrived! We'll see what he says.

UPDATE: Yup, we had a gas leak! Very quickly fixed, though - just the rubber hose had sprung a leak. Now I can put the heat back on.


Blogger Peter said...

You know when Ontario suddenly gets cold that 'winter has arrived' ;-)

Before then, well, who knows what's happening out there? You mean, there is an 'out there' out there?


11:23 am  
Blogger Dr. Mabuse said...

Yes, Ontario is truly *provincial* in that way! As it is, my sister lives in Vancouver, and my aunts in Victoria, and this is the first time I don't feel I can call them up and lament, "Oh, there's SO MUCH SNOW!!!" and get any sympathy. They've been really socked hard by winter weather. If only the Winter Olympics were being held there THIS year!

1:11 pm  
Blogger Kasia said...

At least is was a fast, easy fix. And you noticed it BEFORE it became a serious issue. Like, oh, I don't know, James deciding it would be fun to light a campfire in the yard. :-)

Glad you're all ok.

12:56 pm  
Blogger Dr. Mabuse said...

Thanks! Or before Dean decided to fire up the barbecue! I'm glad it was fixed so quickly; I was thinking that if the house got too cold, I'd have to keep reminding myself that I couldn't light a fire in the fireplace. At least I didn't have to evacuate the house, particularly as they wouldn't let me start my van, as it was right next to the gas meter. Just me and Yin, wandering around outside in -25C temperatures, would have been pretty sad.

3:29 pm  

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