Sunday, December 31, 2006

Starting the New Year off right

Well, I just had to go and do it, didn't I? I read Mrs. Schori's New Year's Message in the London Times today. Odd that this would appear in a British newspaper rather than the New York Times, though maybe it's because they're in an earlier time zone than the U.S., and it's already 2007 there. Either that, or she's operating on the Julian calendar or something.
As one year closes and another opens, many of us turn to the making of resolutions. Consider what might happen if all of us resolved to make 2007 the beginning of a new era in which the hungry are fed, the ill cured, the young educated and women and men treated equally.
Do let us know when you intend to launch the Tenth Crusade, because I don't anticipate that last goal, or the one before it as far as it concerns young girls, will take place as long as Islam is around.
What if all had access to clean water and adequate sanitation, basic healthcare and the promise of development that does not endanger the rest of creation?

Imagine there's no outhouse,
It's easy if you try.
No bush or rock before us,
Behind us, double-ply.
Imagine all the people
Putting down the seat...
You may say I'm a dreamer,
But it's what I have to do.
God wants low-flow flushing
When the world goes to the loo.

We understand this work as a visible sign of building the reign of God. A vision of that reign lies behind the ancient Hebrew concept of shalom, which means far more than simply peace. Shalom has to do with the restoration of all creation to right relationship with God, so that the hungry are fed, the grieving comforted, the ill are healed and prisoners set free.
I must be the only one who really hates all this "shalom" stuff. I must be, because I haven't read anyone else complain about it. And yet it gets right up my nose every time I read it. It's not that I don't like Judaism - on the contrary, I love it. I love it so much, I regard it as a free-standing religion with its own dignity and coherence, just like my own. I do NOT regard it as Christianity's storage basement, into which we can burrow to drag up sparkly little nuggets to ornament our own tradition whenever we get bored with it.

"Shalom" is a good word, I'm sure, but it isn't part of OUR tradition, any more than "Pax vobiscum" is part of the Jewish tradition, though I daresay there's nothing in the expression that would violate the tenets of Judaism. And I don't care that if you go way back into the mists of time, you can find Hebrew in Christian worship. That tradition didn't survive in our church, and to try to drag it in now feels like the ostentatious showiness of a pedant. Indeed, it's there in Mrs. Schori's over-eager lecture about the roots of the word and its real meaning. The same attitude was evident in her "explanation" of her "Mother Jesus" gaffe:
To those who accuse her of heresy for referring to a female Jesus, she responds with a typically learned disquisition on medieval mystics and saints who used similar language, including Julian of Norwich and St. Teresa of Avila. "I was trying to say that the work of the cross was in some ways like giving birth to a new creation," she said. "That is straight-down-the-middle orthodox theology."
So straightforward and down the middle that no one but some professors had ever heard of it. Just as I've never heard a sermon that uses her favourite word "shalom" in my 30+ years as a Christian. But it's not at all unusual for liberals to consider that the mass of people just don't really understand anything at all. Schori writes and preaches to people like her: people who get their religion out of books and journals, not out of life.


Blogger Craig Goodrich said...

... Christianity's storage basement, into which we can burrow to drag up sparkly little nuggets to ornament our own tradition whenever we get bored with it.

Well-put. Do you recall the recent gracious ecumenical gesture where, having ordained women, replaced a respected BCP with a junk volume of '60s bumper-stickers, and ordained practicing homosexuals, ECUSA generously decided to omit the filioque from the Creed to avoid offending the Orthodox?


The real point is not that these folks don't take their religion seriously (except insofar as leftist politics is their religion); it's that they have absolutely no clue about what it would mean to take any religion seriously.

Peace, love, and blessings for the New Year.

2:09 am  
Blogger Ellie M said...

Words I do NOT want to hear any more from the lips of revisionists in 2007:



New Thing

Millenium Development Goals

baptismal vow

Holy Spirit

pluriform truth


tension (as in, "living into the")






(Actually, I expect to hear the last one a lot this year, if all goes as it should.)

8:59 am  
Blogger Ellie M said...

Oops, forgot one: "spiritual violence." Their favourite new buzz-phrase. Expect to hear that one a LOT in the coming months.

9:33 am  
Blogger Min O'Pause said...

Imagine there's no Kraalspace
It's easy if you try
No more dissertations on plum pudding
Or cute children putting holes in the dry wall

You may say you're a Christian
But your right-wing venom truly shines through
Why don't you flush your blog?
With the rest of the poo that's down the loo!

Is that Teddy Roosevelt who posted a comment?...oh, no, some other old coot.

Reading your blog is the perfect cure for a hangover!

Shalom in 2007!
(Who has been engaging in leftist debauchery in NYC over Christmas!)

3:34 pm  
Blogger Kasia said...

I don't think I've 'met' Min before. Is she always this charitable, or was this a special New Years' effort?

7:20 pm  
Blogger Dr. Mabuse said...

I guess even the best hangover cures take a while to kick in.

7:41 pm  
Blogger Ellie M said...

Does anyone else think "Min" might be a pseudonym for Lisa Fox? I mean, just how many unmedicated militant leftist lesbian Anglicans are there?!

11:17 pm  
Blogger Kasia said...

That did occur to me, Ellie, but honestly I suspect there are quite a few unmedicated leftist lesbian Anglicans out there...

8:56 am  
Blogger Ellie M said...

LOL! I suspect that, too. I was being ironic...

Seriously though, some of these people need therapy. I hope they get it.

5:28 pm  
Blogger Kasia said...

Grin. I figured you were being ironic, but I figured someone had to play the straight man. :-)

4:28 pm  
Blogger muerk said...

Every time I hear the Anglican-Shalom I cringe. It makes me think of the serious learned Rabbis and what they would think of a woman acting as God's priest.

1:48 am  
Blogger Min O'Pause said...


All of you are so smug with your self-congratualatory-- yet lame-- attempts to denigrate.

Yes, the ole' "up your need therapy," is about as old and archaic as your rigid religious beliefs and, I am certain, as old and rigid as certain parts of your anatomy at this point.

However, after some reading/research on my own, I can understand how you, Mabuse, are so obsessed and fascinated with poop and the loo.

If my children crapped on the floor with regular abandon, and I had to clean it up as well, I suppose I would either loathe the task (most normal folks would) or become obsessed with poo.

I see you have followed the latter. As well, I am glad you removed your other comment here, Mabuse, since you also seem to have an unhealthy obsession with lesbian Anglicans.

It's sort of like a fetish, isn't it? Of course, I would think maybe collecting Pope-on-a-Rope soap might be a better fetish or obsession for you.

Given your lot in life, I am starting to see how your personal anger over your own circumstances seem to find their focal point in Schori, Anglicans and lesbians. Very Psych 101., just who needs the meds again?

And dear Kasia: I am as charitible as Dr. Mabuse is to others not like her (which means the majority of the world).

No, this is not Lisa Fox. Lisa Fox wouldn't waste her time commenting here.

I'm someone who will only turn it up a notch, every time I read your silly, yet hate-filled comments.

Dr. Mabuse thought it was funny to come to my partner's blog--we never even heard of her, or knew of her before that--take her words, use them on her own blog in order to try and humilate my partner. I believe it was a "Braxton's Lear" reference, yet when you dramatize your own angst, I certainly feel "Braxton's Lear" also.

Though my partner was mildly upset,since she never did one thing to Dr. Mabuse, I was more intrigued at what kind of person would take the time to cruise the blogs of those she says she loathes. Her explanations only dig the hole even deeper.

So, I feel that Dr. Mabuse should have a taste of her own bitter medicine.

I don't have a dog in the Anglican fight, but it's really interesting to watch how all of you obsess over it every day. Odd.

I intend to have fun at your expense as much as possible (as you do with others), and I intend to treat you as "charitibly" as you treat me, my partner and anyone else in your rigid world that gets the thumbs down.

You all must be quite lonely at this point, so maybe that's why you blather on to each other about all of it?

Thanks for the entertainment!


12:56 pm  
Blogger Dr. Alice said...

Min o'pause, crappy writer that she is, clearly has nothing to gain from her posts but some dumbass revenge.
Dr. Mabuse thought it was funny to come to my partner's blog--we never even heard of her, or knew of her before that--take her words, use them on her own blog in order to try and humilate my partner.
Well, to put it bluntly, it's because your partner is f***ing stupid. Want me to draw you a diagram? I'll be happy to. The owner of this blog is too polite to state it in such terms, but I, having read your partner's blog, have no such reservations. Not to mention the fact that your partner appears to be unwilling to publish any dissenting opinions (I should know, since I have tried to post such on her blog), but Dr. Mabuse is willing to do so given that she has let your posts stand.

7:27 pm  
Blogger muerk said...

"If my children crapped on the floor"

Denigrating someone's disabled children is a... special... kind of cruelty and nastiness. This post is a creepy little number.

Why don't you crawl back to your swamp Min?

11:50 pm  
Blogger Dr. Alice said...

She seems to specialize in hatemail and hate posts. She's just put up a special post all about me on her blog, speculating on my sexual orientation (for no good reason that I can see). I am so proud.

11:55 pm  
Blogger muerk said...

Yes, I saw that post and was unimpressed. Resorting to pop psychology about people's sexuality is always telling that there is a lack of an actual argument.

4:10 am  
Blogger Dr. Mabuse said...

Oh, this is absurd. No, I'm not going to delete that foul post - I'm going to leave it there in all its vulgar ugliness for people to read. And Min's friend can dry her tears; I lost all my bookmarks yesterday, including the blogs collected in my precious "Idiots" folder, so it's not likely I'll be able to find my way easily back to her ditherings. Though considering her obsessive posting here, I suppose I could always follow the mile-wide trail she's left and rediscover it that way. No matter, though; no one has yet won a Braxton's Lear twice, though all those who have, deserved it.

7:13 am  
Blogger Min O'Pause said...

Dr. Alice?

It sure looks as if you are obsessed with fecal matter as well, since you keep using the word "crappy."

What is it with you all and the bowel movements? I know it was an Anglican who supposedly gave some sermon comparing bowel movements to sex, or whatever, but all of you can't stop talking about it.

As well, you seem to have my partner confused with someone else. That's what happens when your head is firmly planted up your arse 24/7.

My partner owns The Wheel Inside the Wheel blog. I have no idea who you are undulating about. She rarely talks about the Anglican schism. We are too busy spreading liberal propaganda.

I find it very comical that Dr. Mabuse and Dr. Alice both do search and destroy missions, cruising (and I do mean cruising)to find those to lamely try to denigrate and be oh-so-pithy with the cutdowns.

Awww, poor Dr. Mabuse! Someone made fun of her and her obsession with poop, alluding to her precious children.

Mabuse opened that door with her various "Braxton's Lear" posts, ripping others she does not know, all for fun.

Doesn't feel good when you get the same "poop" thrown back at you does it?

Oddly, you really did not read my post concerning Cuckoo for Ko-Ko Puffs, as it was much nicer than she's ever been to my partner or anyone else that differs in ideology.

I think Dr. Mabuse is very intelligent, well written and completely consumed by passive aggressive anger and hurt.

Her hurt over the loss of what she held sacred in the Anglican church is palpable, however get to therapy. I was told by the wise folks here that I need it, but I think Mabuse needs it, also. I'm sure she's been told that several times. It's not meant to denigrate either. We all need help now and then.

If she and/or you continue with the nasty posts and comments, expect to be treated with the same 'charitible' behavior.

Yes, it's all "mean" when the tables are turned on you, right?

I think I'll make a game out of how many times you say "crappy". That would be fun.

But my, my, the language from such a civilized, right-wing CHRISTIAN.

Do you go down to the docks and meet the fleet when it comes in with that mouth?

Such "crappy" comments. ha.

Yes, Mabuse is so "nice.." what a load of, well, CRAP. I am doing the same thing that she is doing. Trolling the Internet, in order to bash others, publicly, by cutting and pasting their words.

How does that make me vile? Your gf, Mabuse, must be just as vile also.

Mabuse posts some very interesting things, herself, concerning her children. I made no reference here to their Autism, only that she has posted, previously, about having to clean up piles of poo left by them.

However, she does print all comments. As well, Dr. Alice, I posted your comment on my blog. I thought it was worth posting.

I moderate my comments to keep spam out, only.

But I'm glad you all have a new object to hate. It seems that is what you crave and need.

Thanks for giving me plenty to blog about! But I know that none of you will go and read it. You all are too mature and 'above it all' to keep coming back to my blog.


8:40 am  

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