Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Church of the Sterile Cuckoo

Do you know what they say about cuckoos? They'll sneak into another bird's nest and lay their eggs among the nest-owner's eggs, then depart. Not only does the other bird have to hatch the alien eggs, the cuckoo egg typically hatches before the other eggs, and the cuckoo chick will evict the parent bird's true offspring. The leftists who have taken over TEC are like the cuckoo - instead of building their own church, they laid their eggs in a church that already existed, then displaced the original owners.

But when I read this interview of Mrs. Schori in the New York Times today, I realized that the degeneration is even further advanced than I'd realized. These cuckoos can't even be bothered producing their own eggs to replace those they've pushed out.

The thing about cuckoos, you see, is that they're parasites. That's even what they're called in Wikipedia - "brood parasites". Not all parasites are bad; some carry out useful functions of using up and disposing of waste material. But no matter how benign a parasite might be, it is essential that their numbers be kept small. Too many parasites will overwhelm and kill the host.

It is not surprising that a church that champions unnatural barrenness should be a magnet for selfish hedonists of all kinds. Every day we see in the sickness of TEC the signs of a host in the process of being overwhelmed and killed by its parasites. And parasites that it has eagerly invited in and welcomed.

God has a terrible reward in store for this self-infatuated church. It's interesting that the Presiding Cuckoo speaks of Genesis and the "meaning" behind the creation story, without even realizing how completely it condemns her and her church. For the first words God ever addressed directly to His creation were "Be fruitful and increase in number," and He said it TWICE - to the first living creatures, and then to Man. A people too proud and selfish to reproduce will not only expire from natural causes, they will earn the anger of God for their deliberate disobedience and sabotage of His will.


Blogger Ann McCarthy said...

Presiding Cuckoo. Excellent description, thanks. Finally I know what to call her. Presiding Bishop just wasn't accurate, somehow.

12:17 am  
Blogger muerk said...

I was so insulted to read her comments. Obviously all Catholic women are uneducated, theological breeding machines who are depleting global resources willy nilli.

I want to send her this:

1:51 am  
Blogger xavier said...

Dr Marabus:
Golly, she's so PC, she couldn't offend the Moslem women who have lots and lots of kids.
In any case, Purple haze's spin doctors will have to work overtime to reconcile the affrontry.
to add what muerk described: Catholic parents are also anti-environmental 'cause they refuse to practice 'balance' and suck up resources from mother Gaia like a Dyson vaccum cleaner


9:07 am  
Blogger Dr. Mabuse said...

Someone suggested she might have been misquoted, or at least so clumsily edited that her remarks came out in this offensive way. It's been known to happen. But this is the New York Times - they'd have no motive in the world to make Purple Haze look bad, they think a leftist woman heading up a church is a wonderful thing. Anyway, it should be clear soon. If she WAS misquoted, there should be a SHARP clarifying message issued *today* from 815. She should be able to dictate it spontaneously, if her sentiments are really contrary to what was published, and she really knows what she meant to say. But if it takes a couple of days, it will mean that she's had to call in the PR guys to talk her out of her mess.

9:23 am  
Blogger Ellie M said...

So Kate of Many Colours has shown her true ones...

11:14 am  
Blogger Kasia said...

Hm. So number of children and intelligence are inversely proportional? Who knew? (shakes head)

I certainly don't begrudge someone else their decision to not have children (especially if they do it by NOT DOING IT). Whether Schori has kids or not is ultimately between her and God, as far as I'm concerned. However, like everyone else reading this I'm disgusted by Schori's condescending remarks. What a maroon!

And of course, she not only can't offend the Muslims, she also can't offend Orthodox Jews, who are noted for their large families.

BTW, Dr. M, I've tagged you for the Wikipedia birthday meme. Please take a look on my blog for the rules. :-)

11:36 am  

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