Sunday, July 09, 2006

Pretty sick

That's about the nicest thing one can say about Deborah Frisch, one-time psychology professor at the University of Arizona. Blackfive has a good summary of her online vendetta against Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom. I give the link to Goldstein's site, even though the site is currently down, the target of several DoS (Denial of Service) attacks, probably from Ms Frisch's psycho supporters on the loony left.

I don't want to type out all her frothing rants and sexual fantasies about killing and violating Goldstein's two-year old son. It makes me feel dirty even to read them. This woman is clearly insane. Little Green Footballs has an extensive thread on this subject, and mentions that Frisch claims that has been obliged to resign her position at the University of Arizona. Considering her mental instability, I would wait to see if this is true, or if there is some other explanation, like a pre-planned sabbatical or an expiring contract that can be trotted out as a supposed "surrender" to get the heat off her. Like a typical leftist, she immediately tries to use this to paint herself as a victim.

Vicious, sex-obsessed, anti-Semitic, self-pitying and vindictive - even in today's degraded academic climate, it might be difficult for her to find another professorship. On the other hand, maybe she should consider the job of bishop; I hear the Church of England is hiring.

UPDATE: What did I tell you?
The point of resigning is that it is something I was thinking of doing anyway. I want to stay in Eugene, OR where moonbats rule instead of living in Tucson, AZ where moonbats are in the minority. So my point is not that you should feel sorry for me but rather you should lay off the stalking like the emails to the head of the psych department at the University of Arizona, the nasty, threatening comments at the various rightwingnut blogs that have jumped on this "story."
Here's the link. Enter the site at your own risk.


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