Saturday, June 17, 2006

James and bed-bed

Poor James was so frustrated the other night - he was desperately trying to tell us something, but he didn't have the words for it. All he could do was say "bed-bed", and we couldn't figure out any meaning for this but the bare surface meaning, which clearly was not what he wanted. We wrote BED BED on pieces of paper for him. HE even took a pen and wrote BED BED, which shows just how determined he was. Usually he just orders us to do the hard work of writing or drawing anything he wants. Finally, just as it was bedtime, I was at the computer and he came up to me to try again. I thought "'Bed-bed'; that means '2 beds'. What could be special about 2 beds?" Finally, a glimmer of a thought came to me..."Bunkbeds??" "YES!!!" I immediately googled 'bunkbeds' and left him happily looking at pictures and printing out the most attractive ones.

This is his usual way for expressing multiple nouns, although he has learned numbers in school. "Bread bread" means 2 pieces of bread. One time, he wanted to go to the beach; specifically, he wanted Thomas and me to go to the beach with him. When we go, we walk. So in his very logical way, he asked for "Shoe-shoe-shoe-shoe-shoe-shoe". Six shoes=six feet=3 people. You see? There's quite a lot of reasoning behind all this, you just have to learn the code to understand it.


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