Saturday, June 24, 2006

Down to Cardinal

A beautiful day, sunny but not hot, and I drove down to the town of Cardinal on the St. Lawrence River for another one of Jim Cooper's auctions. This time I took along a small sideboard he'd agreed to include in the auction to sell; it's been in the garage since we moved here, and it was in storage while we were in Boston, so that's 9 years since anyone has used it! I don't think we'll miss it. This auction had a lot of nice old lamps, some with parchment shades, and I got 4 for $1 each. One of them was an interesting old plaster TV lamp from the '50s, I'm guessing - it's an open arch, with a ballerina standing in the center, with a sheet of parchment behind her, and a red lightbulb which lights her in silhouette. A few little chips on the black paint, but I think I can fix that, and otherwise it's in beautiful condition. As well as the lamps, I found an interesting WearEver pot - a canner, I think, though it has a steamer basket inside. It has a nice gizmo for tipping the pot while holding the handle, and clamps hold the lid on while the water can drain from a perforated section on the rim. Also some books, including "Endurance", an account of Shackleton's expedition to the South Pole. I found "South with Scott" at Value Village on Thursday, so I'm back to reading about disasters again. Fitting, after a week watching the Episcopal Church set fire to itself.


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