Friday, May 12, 2006

Belgian Catholic bishops surrendering to Islam

"There is a thing, Harry, which thou hast often heard of, and it is known to many in our land by the name of pitch: this pitch, as ancient writers do report, doth defile; so doth the company thou keepest..." (King Henry IV, Part I, Act II, scene IV)

Well, this really frosted me. Catholic bishops in Belgium are so sympathetic to illegal (Mohammedan) immigrants, they've allowed them to squat in their churches. With the result that these churches are now a place of Mohammedan prayer. Banners proclaiming the name of Allah are now proudly hanging in these churches; "The Muslim squatters hold Islamic prayer services in the church. The altar has been moved and the statue of Our Lady covered by a cloth to hide her from the eyes of the Muslim believers. " All to prove how very pure and non-judgmental these supposed leaders of Christianity are.

I can't agree with Gerald Augustinus at The Cafeteria is Closed (one of my favourite blogs) that this current fad among Catholic bishops of lionizing aliens and outsiders is so harmless. I think there's far more going on here than a mere "defending the weak and disenfranchised". I think this is the old ghost of Liberation Theology trying to crawl back from where Pope John Paul II banished it. The fact that these people are illegal immigrants seems almost to lend them a cachet to their Catholic enablers. I think we're seeing a resurgence of the old idea that "victors write the history", and by extension, the law. And since the "victim" is privileged over the victor, this means that "victor's justice" is no justice at all, and may be disregarded. Indeed, SHOULD be disregarded, to give one that delightful frisson of virtuous transgression by means of proxy lawlessness.

Chesterton in his time witnessed the Anglican Church cave in on matters of faith and principle. His words are still true: "But my concern is not with open and direct opponents like Mr. Huxley; but with all to whom I might once have looked to defend the country of the Christian altars. They ought surely to know that the foe now on the frontiers offers no terms of compromise; but threatens a complete destruction. And they have sold the pass."


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