Monday, April 17, 2006

Incipit vita nova

My 'new life' as a Roman Catholic, that is; everything else is going on much the same as it has for 46 years. But as on Saturday night at the Easter Vigil I was received into the Catholic Church, I thought it might be a good opportunity to start a blog as well. Those who knew me when I was an Anglo-Catholic (high church Episcopalian, in American terms) would be surprised to see the Catholic church I go to. Holy Cross, Ottawa, is not at all the style I would prefer, either in architecture, decor or liturgy. We have a decidedly "modern" liturgy, although the 8:00 AM mass I attend on Sundays has no instrumental music, only a cantor. The other masses vary between organ, piano, violin and guitars - all for the most part well-played, but still, the kind of "happy-clappy" style I normally avoid.

How I ended up at this church instead of a Latin liturgy parish is easy - this is my neighbourhood church, the one I can walk to in 10 minutes. But when I come to reflect on the difference between this church and the last Anglican parish I attended years ago, I can only say that I HAD that kind of formal, beautiful liturgy before, and it isn't enough. A Catholic has to BE a Catholic, not just look and sound like one, and the Anglican Church stopped being Catholic a long time ago. So such as it is, I'm in the Roman Catholic Church to stay now, and the reality of the thing outweighs the aesthetics.


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