Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Donald Trump's Terrible, No-Good Day/Week/Month etc.

The Entrumpening continues, as does the Great Declueing of the chattering class.

Monday morning, I heard on the radio that Donald Trump committed an "unforced error". This was pretty mild, compared to the terms I've been reading in the last week: chaotic, stumbling, floundering, collapsing, and let your imagination run wild, because if it was bad, I'm sure it's been applied to his campaign by now.

The latest outrage concerned a lawsuit Trump has launched against a couple of restauranteurs.
Trump sued [famed chef Geoffrey] Zakarian after the chef terminated plans to open a restaurant in Trump's new Washington hotel, a $200 million makeover of the Old Post Office Pavilion on Pennsylvania Avenue NW, after Trump launched his campaign by denouncing Mexican immigrants as drug dealers and rapists.

Trump's lawsuit was filed in D.C. Superior Court.

Separately, Trump also filed a lawsuit against renowned chef José Andrés, who also terminated his restaurant plans following Trump's statements.
So these two fellows signed a contract with Trump, and then welshed. And Trump sued them! The reporter was aghast that Trump had "suspended his campaign" for ONE DAY to go to Washington to make a deposition for the lawsuit.

It doesn't occur to any of these brainiacs that maybe people like Trump BECAUSE he acts like this. Because he doesn't just smile weakly when he's wronged, he hits back with all he's got. How long has it been since any "conservative" politician has done that? All we know is Romney looking green as Candy Crowley stole his lunch money while Obama smirked during their second debate. Or George W. Bush, aka Gentle George, Meek and Mild, who was so captivated with his messianic burden to bring Holy Democracy to the Mohammedans that it required him to give his back to the smiters of the media and his cheeks to those that plucked off the hair. The other Bush just let the liars run wild with their barcode story and thought that punishing them was too far beneath the dignity of a president. Maybe Reagan did something, but by now it's hard to even remember actual incidents from Reagan's presidency, except for firing the air traffic controllers. That was a long time ago now.

In Trump's case, those guys signed a contract, they made a deal, and now they're welshing. And it's for the sake of PC virtue-signalling, to make it even worse. And Trump should just let them get away with it? No way! What his supporters see is someone who fights back when wronged, so MAYBE he might fight back when THEY'RE the ones getting shafted, as they have so many times in the last decades.

And taking one day off to attend to this, when Hillary's been out of commission for half the month of August? The contrast is just ludicrous, but the media never seem able to connect the dots, no matter how big and obvious they are.